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The well-known and popular Transport Pack converted from the LS17 into the LS19. Including autoload!

You haven't heard from me for a long time.
Unfortunately I am not quite as far as I wanted to be.
Today there is a small bug fix release.
I made the following changes:

The ramps are working again
Board pallets can also be loaded on the Multimap
Dynamic Mount Attacher removed. The straps should work again
Fixed display problems with the lights
Cotton bales can be loaded again (thanks to p.soppa for the info!)
Trigger areas for AutoLoad Light adjusted (thanks to newbienearcologne for the values!)

Regarding the pallets, it should be noted: I have adjusted the values for the two-storey loading on the Hopfach pallets.
I want to make the pack configurable for different cards in the future, but I won't find the time until January.
So that you don't have to wait so long with the other fixes, there is this bug fix before Christmas.

It took a long time, now it is finally available!
Many still know it from the LS17, now it has found its way into the LS19 and is well prepared for the Global Company.

The pack contains:
3 tractors with flatbed
3 flatbed trailers with rigid drawbar
3 flatbed trailers with turntables
3 flatbed trailers
All vehicles have free choice of color, choice of tire configuration and the selection "without AutoLoad", "AutoLoad Light" and "Autoload". I will explain the difference between the variants in the video.

The three tractors also have an engine choice and the choice of which logo should be displayed on the door.

If you have an urgent wish that there should be another logo on the doors to choose from, please let me know.

I have not tested all possible combinations. If you find an error somewhere, please let me know so that I can fix it.

Known shortcomings:
When the game is saved (automatically or manually), all goods loaded with UAL are unloaded on the platform
There may be entries in the log. I can't change that and the scriptor supposedly can't either. However, these are not critical and will not shoot you the savegame
Pallets that are loaded in two layers sometimes hang in the air or overlap with the ones below. This is due to the different heights of the pallets. Unfortunately I can't change that. It looks stupid, but it's not critical.

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18.12 2019
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  1. Cheffke213 23. January

    autoload not working!

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