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This is a map based on terrain and landscape where I live,Gudbrandsdalen in Norway. Farm:No mowing cows,but all triggers from the cowsone follows in the map. Cowshed is put together of two buildings,and it has a basement for manure(trigger follows) The dung is also found outside the basement.Milktrigger and seedtrigger.1 big silo for grass and one for maize. 1 Barn with baledestroyer trigger in 2nd floor,fertilizertrigger and Trigger for barley and wheat in 1st floor.Barleysilo and wheatsilo outside. Map also supports maize and canola, but these is crops we normally dont do in Norway. 7 fields with grass,4 field with barley/wheat. One Implementstorage. Statoil with fueltrigger. A simple grainmill(wanted to keep the map.i3d size as low as possible), with silotrigger and milktrigger.


Thanks to Axel_of_Sweden and Venom for fantastic farm buildings.
Milk Mod by Acert


  • 21 May 00:19
    Version 1



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Version: 1
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Author: GIANTS Software GmbH
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name in shop: Norway
description in shop: G-Valley,Norway.

21.05 2011
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  1. siko 08. 11 2011

    ich whone in norwegen und die map ist cool!!!!

  2. Frenchy 17. 06 2011

    Hi Falcon, I am French and I want to congratulate you on the map ... it super
    well this is Norway, which I covered in 2006 during a concentration of Harley-Davidson ... Bye bye
    Regards, Tony "Frenchy

  3. kuhmuh 16. 06 2011

    hat dei log fehler????

  4. welderking 21. 05 2011

    This is my map. The JD is my Private edit.

  5. ls2012fan 21. 05 2011

    hammer map ich SAGE perfekt