Gas bottles mod for Farming Simulator 2011
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Gas bottles v 1

Hello LS friends!

Here I have for you two gas bottles.


With the first valve cap (set screws) and labeling

Without a second valve cap and lettering (rusted)


You can lock out the gas bottles on maps or vehicles / machinery.

No permit required on my part, I ask only mentioned in the credits to be.

by R-TECH added on

Modell: R-TECH

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9 Comments for Gas bottles

  1. Chefkoch_ls2011

    Zur Info!

    Flasche mit Ventil = 13.000+ Polys
    Flasche mit Kappe = 3.400+ Polys

    Beide Texturen in JPG!
    Ich werde mir eigene in DDS machen ;)

    Danke dafür!

  2. Darthbot
    Darthbot 27. 06 2012

    Schöne Flaschen. Sehen sehr gut in meiner Hofwerkstatt aus.