Gleaner A85

V 1.1 mod for Farming Simulator 15

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Since many people have asked me to separate the pack to make it easier to download the version 1.1 the climb separately

A project that began little more than a year is finally coming to an end, with the publication of the first package of combines!


What is included?

2 Combines:

  • Gleaner a85 simple and dual

3 headers:

  • 2 Dynaflex 9250 draper head (orbital and standard reel)
  • 1 8200 Conventional head


  • Interactive Control
  • Interactive Buttons
  • Passenger seat
  • Interactive Backup Cam
  • Buyable Dual wheels
  • Animated interior
  • Animated Rotating parts
  • Whashable
  • Indoor sounds
  • Indoor huds

Fruits: Wheat, Barley, Corn, Rape


Licencia Creative Commons
AGCO Rotary Combines por Julian Indurain se distribuye bajo una Licencia Creative Commons Atribución-NoComercial-SinDerivar 4.0 Internacional.


Model, Texture and ingame: Julian11 Testers: Lindbejb Modding and Rafazr Scripts: AdditionalBackupCam: Manuel Leithner BuyableTwinWheels: Manuel Leithner Cabsuspension: JoXXer DelayedRotation: LsPrO/TheCoCe indoorSound15: ¿? InteractiveButtons: Manuel Leithner Joystick: NHT9SmartTrax objectAttacher: Geri-G Passenger: JoXXer universalToggleParts: Saty


  • 05 Nov 00:03
    Version 1.1




05.11 2015
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V 1.1
Farming Simulator 15
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05. 11 2015 2,029

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