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An interesting Silage and large field orientated map for those who love carting and making silage. Consists of 19 fields some of which are big, some are small. As with all my maps, you will not see many flat areas. This map has been specially made and must NOT under any circumstances be copied to, uploded to, or released to any upload site without the express permission of Farmer Yip. Glen Ellie was made with the help of and under instruction of all my followers on my Twitch Channel. A perfect way to learn how to make maps right from the very start. Join my Twitch channel..

This map is being released with permission from FarmerYip.  I asked for permission to release it as it's a beautiful map, and didn't appear to be available anywhere on the internet.

NOTE:  The compost mod is embedded in the map.  Some specialized mods may be necessary to use it.  A suggested pack of mods to use with this map can be downloaded here:  Glen Ellie Suggested Mods



See also credits.txt file included in mod zip file

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23.03 2023
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  1. akuenzi 25. 03 2023

    A mod pack for Glen Ellie is in the process of being uploaded and approved. Once it's available a link will be left here. These mods will help activate chopped straw in the map, or allow the ability to transport compost.