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V 6 Final Version mod for Farming Simulator 17

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Welcome to the Glenvar 2018 card. After a long time without an update I tried to create a final version for this card. In 2015, I made the transition from version 2015 to 2018. Well, bring the 2018 revision with some improvements and new features. New detailed textures cover about 400 hectares of land for cultivation. Adjustments time to cut the stems of the fruit were adjusted for Colhetadeira Claas Lexion 770 TT, so that are the same level as the platform of cutting the sticks cut passages.
In the main farm, the old silos removed and set a standard, with elevators, grain stations and pipes transport. New containers, a complete and functional BGA, sheds, a new port and service areas. The map is ready. Waiting for you.
Have fun. Play a lot.
A big hug, and thank you for downloading my work.

Map divided into two versions, corn harvested or silage. A new profile is not required to change the versions.


Model: Gabriel F.
Texture: Gabriel F., Giants Editor
Script: Gabriel F.
Idea / Concept:  Tiago P.
Testing: Gabriel F.


  • 03 Dec 16:16
    Version 6 Final Version

    BGA Complet
    New Silos and Elevator

  • 19 Oct 02:56
    Version 5.1

    More Bugs fixed

  • 11 Oct 17:17
    Version 5

    New Texture
    BGA modified
    Bugs Fixes
    New Grain Station
    and more.

  • 17 Aug 07:00
    Version 4.0

    New BGA Complet
    New Grain Station: Elevator And Capacity
    New Textur

    copy the file "map01.i3d" into the Glenvar_2018_Map / maps to use the Harvested Corn version ... It is not necessary to create a new profile to change the version.

  • 15 Aug 17:53
    Version 3.1



checksum: 5efa3978ea414bad07cf94b47c1759b7
Version: 6 Final Version
multiplayer ready? yes
Author: FLYBRASIL - Gabriel F.
price in shop: LS
name in shop: GLENVAR 2018 Map Final Edition
description in shop: Enjoy the High Performence Farming Equipment.

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V 6 Final Version
Farming Simulator 17
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V 5.1
Farming Simulator 17
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V 5
Farming Simulator 17
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