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Welcome to Greenlands!

Fixed silage pit collisions,
Fixed wood chip heap,
Removed the sleep trigger and added a buyable one,
Lots of other small bugs fixed

This is another map I made after Newpark Farm as I got inspired to make a bigger and better farm!

This is a fictional map inspired by real farms set in the UK.
The map has a total of 100 fields ranging in different shapes and sizes. I have put a village called Greenlands Village which my past map doesn't have.
Also included in the map is a Biogas Plant, Grain Mill, Saw Mill, storage yards with sheds and a long River, and several Forestry Areas.
The map has Contracts on all 100 fields, Seasons Ready and Precision Farming Ready. Animal Husbandry is built into placeables and can be sold or repurchased.

There are 3 Main Farms in the map which are:

1. Greenlands Farm
- with cows, pigs and sheep, grain storage and 3 silage pits.
2. Greenside Farm
-with beef, cattle, sheep and 2 silage pits.
3. Roadside Farm
-with pigs and grain storage

We also have Woodview Farm with a storage yard and 2 sheds.

Hoping you would enjoy looking around or playing on my map.
Feel free to offer any suggestions as these will be used for improvements.

Credits: A special thanks to my Fiancée and brother for helping with some small stuff and with testing the map. Thank you!




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07.04 2021
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