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Hello dear people

Here is the announced beta version of the green manure-mods.

The green manure mod adds all cultivators, plows and direct seeding in the game added the ability to fertilize by the incorporation of a cover crop.

For those to whom the term green manure nothing says here's what to read:ündüngung

Effect of the Mods: If plants that at least one step * before * they are ripe (green wheat, blossoming rape etc), the soil is fertilized hereby incorporated. This also works with rotten harvest - cover crops allowed to partially freeze off over the winter to then incorporate in the spring.

Why such a mod? Because such methods work in the real agriculture are quite common and so far can not be properly reflected in the LS. And no, of the clout this way of working is, of course, not against a 40m syringe. If they do not :)

If this little mod should my desire to the mapper can find a few friends out there: Build but a few fast-growing cover crops for this purpose one :)

State of BETA:
* In this version you can first for testing only rape and if available incorporate clover & alfalfa with cultivators, plows & Drill.
* If you expect a perfect with all 300 + mods harmonious in your folder Mod: This beta is there that the V1.0 is the timely follow at least comes close.
* Who has a problem and is willing to invest a little time to help with the cause to find it: now is the right time for it!
* (If all this is too complicated or inconvenient, let him wait for V1.0).

Why such a Beta? Need to change things one quite deeply engage in the game engine, although I think to have done very cautiously. But the devil is always waiting behind the other corner, and I think the fastest way to quickly get to a finished product is to integrate those of you who are just like I prepared some time & patience in so invest a project.

Am looking forward to comments, suggestions, problem descriptions (log.txt as a message to me, please, please!) Questions & Wishes :)


Idee/Skript: upsidedown
Grafiken: eribus
closed beta: bullgore/mh-team
open beta: die mh-community :) Besonderer Dank geht an manten&FarmerP99!


  • 09 Aug 16:22
    Version 1.1b SoilManagement

    Kompatibel mit soilManagemen-Mod

  • 05 Jan 20:36
    Version 1.0

    * stack overflows beim reload behoben
    * mapper-skript integriert (blocklist)
    * alle fruits freigegeben




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Version: 1.1b SoilManagement
multiplayer ready? yes
Author: upsideDown
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02.01 2014
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V 1.1b SoilManagement
Farming Simulator 2013
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Farming Simulator 2013
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  1. jobyrns72 05. 01 2014

    Ok so let me get this right. Clover or alfalfa has to be incorporated into map. I then plant it in a field then when it matured i can cultivate it and it turns into fertilized but i can only plant rape behind it for the fertilize to take affect?

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  2. bobii16 04. 01 2014

    hallo ich bin französisch, ich einen Übersetzer, um diese Mod nutzen erfordert eine Multifruit-Karte? oder eine Karte mit den Standard-Betriebs Früchte? welcher Bohrer verwendet?

    1 replies

  3. Tommy1222 02. 01 2014

    great mod...but why isnt there yet a Weed in 2011?...when the grass grows inside crops if it is not sprayed or on cultivated and ploughed ground if left alone for too long...i want that mod :(

    1 replies

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