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- IT'S SOWEVER — After 2 years of construction, we can finally put the map for you to download with a clear conscience and with great pride. However, this would not have been possible without the help and knowledge of our team members, partners, acquaintances from the LS scene and you, the community. A big thank you goes to the modding teams who have given us the approval to use their models, but the biggest thanks go to the real Hohen Luckow estate. They support us at all times and were enthusiastic about the project right from the start. There were often points where you didn't know what to do and were just about to despair. At these points we were always able to count on the help of others who gave us new wind in the sails. Our team grew with this project, be it the knowledge or the number of team members. All have a fixed status and are indispensable. Please unzip the file. Please read the very detailed PDF beforehand. It contains a lot of information that you need to be able to play the card, and we have added a modified XML for the Peecon feed mixer. So it is possible for you to feed grain meal to the animals. Simply replace the existing XML with our XML. Download fodder mixing wagon: https://ls-portal.eu/…/peecon-biga-mega-mammoet-autoload-v…/ The pack also contains a processed Growth Control XML. It is designed so that you can edit the entire map with about 8 people in 80 real days (corresponds to a season or 365 days), simply exchange growthcontrol.xml in our savegame with ours, Growth Control: https: // farming-simulator .com / mod.php… Or you play the map with the latest version of the Season Mod. Season Mod: https: //farming-simulator.com/mod.php… NEVER TAKE USE OF BOTH MODS AT THE SAME TIME. We wish you all now have fun playing the map.


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26.12 2019
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