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Agricultural modification of the Ka-26 multipurpose twin-engine helicopter. The helicopter is designed to treat agricultural crops with pesticides and apply liquid or dry mineral fertilizers to the soil.

Fertilizer tank capacity: 800 l.

Working width: 30 meters.

Engines: piston М-14В-26, 2 х 325 hp

Maximum speed: 170 km / h.

Test for FS19 v1.6.0.0.

ATTENTION! Possible conflict with other mods! Back up your saves!

Leave your comments, they will help you correct mistakes!


Model: Rush, Silak_68, werik
Texture: Rush, Silak_68, werik
Script: Ifko[nator], Edit port to FS19: Zippyo v0.99b
Idea / Concept: Silak_68
Testing: Silak_68


  • 13 Jun 19:20




13.06 2021
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  1. HOORAY! Finally my favorite helicopter came out. It is a pity that not the whole pack came out, we will wait, perhaps soon we will see both the Mi 26 and the ultralight helicopter. Without controversial 5 stars, my thanks and recommendations. By the way, I downloaded it from the main link.

  2. Hallo. Von Yandex heruntergeladen. Der Hauptlink ist kaputt! In FS17 waren die Kontrollen besser, möglicherweise im Zusammenhang mit der Physik von FS19. Bei mir funktioniert alles, er verteilt Flüssig- und Trockendünger perfekt. Ein anderer hätte Aerosev hinzugefügt. Ich habe die Textur von der alten Version geändert, ich mag Gelb mehr. Empfehlen. Danke für deine Arbeit.

  3. It is not downloaded from the main link. Downloaded from alternative. Everything is working. It takes a little getting used to the controls. An interesting solution with a marker. I tried the camera inside the cockpit, I was pleased with the artificial horizon, most likely it is not perfect, but this is an agriculture simulator, not a helicopter. Thanks to the authors, my recommendations and 5 stars.

  4. I would like to try it, but i can't download it: "The requested URL was not found on this server."