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The Series 86 tractors were introduced in 1976 by International Harvester as a part of the The entire series was built on a modular frame and featured unprecedented comforts, powerful engines and plenty of torque. Production ended in 1981, but the series remains a favourite on many farms to this day.

The IH Series 86 package consists of:


- International Harvester 986 - 105 hp
- International Harvester 1086 - 130 hp
- International Harvester 1086 Tri-Stripe - 130 hp 4WD
- International Harvester 1486 - 146 hp 4WD
- International Harvester 1586 - 160 hp
- Humbaur trailer for transporting dual wheels.


Notable features on these tractors include:
- Dual wheel option: the wheels fit on all tractors.
- Removable front weights.
- Interactive Controls.


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By euroDZN
peterj and sam123

Follow us on Twitter: eurodzn

We’d like to thank Sven777b for the use of his Beleuchtung V3.1.1-script, Manuel Leithner for his ESLimiter and BuyableTwinWheels scripts and Burner for the use of the Ploughing specialization and the Digital Display Fillamounts script.

We would also like to thank to NI Modding and Nishma very much for all their help.


  • 12 Oct 15:17
    Version 1.0




checksum: 2447c38fb985b694196202032a156264
Version: 1.0
multiplayer ready? no
Author: euroDZN
price in shop: 3295 LS
name in shop: Humbaur KFT Transport Anhänger
description in shop: Die Humbaur KFT Transportanhänger ist perfekt geeignet, um einen vollständigen Satz von Zwillingsreifen für Ihre International Harvester Series 86 Schlepper Ihrer Wahl zu transportieren.

Von euroDZN (peterj and sam123)
Twitter: @eurodzn

12.10 2013
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V 1.0
Farming Simulator 2013
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