V 1 Final mod for Farming Simulator 15

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4 Loader: JCB 3CX JCB 3CX Joystick JCB 4CX JCB 4CX
joystick lighting
Mirrors opened the door for IC
- Control joystick Animations new exhaust
Effects of dust from the wheels and wheel tracks more
Also setting shovels


Credit: TeamModdingPortugal (TMP) Hugo94Fr, Bill Matus, negativeice Rod-Sets


  • 17 May 15:58
    Version 1 Final


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    by jamaal
    ago over 2 years
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    by jamaal
    ago over 2 years


17.05 2016
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V 1 Final
Farming Simulator 15
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17. 05 2016 4,917

1 Comments for JCB Pack CX TMP

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  1. Maxximuss 19. 05 2016

    Nice, very cool.
    For those wondering what fruit types can be loaded this depends on the bucket you use.
    This is straight out of the mod xml (for bucket 7). Note that some buckets are compatible wuth fewer fruit types.
    Fruits: wheat rape maize barley chaff potato sugarBeet silage manure woodChips dirt sand gravel asphalt concrete cement rock cracked lime

    To mod author, just a few suggestions.
    Change vehicle type from misc to tractors and the buckets could go in the frontLoaders section. There are a few keyboard shortcuts missing in game and also add some prices to the tractors, everyone likes free but its unrealistic.
    Fill types, bucket capacity and dependancy on 4CX and 3CX could also be added.
    I have added this for myself but I am sure others would appreciate it as well and complete your mod.
    Thanks for your work!

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