John Deere 4255

V 1.0 mod for Farming Simulator 2011

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This mod is scaled 1:1.

Since someone uploaded my John Deere4455 (jd 4255 V2) I thought I would also include the original.  This is an edit of Knagsted's John Deere 4450 model.  This is my first try at an edit so I wanted to keep it simple.  I also rescaled the model to get it closer in scale to the dimensions and wheelbase of the real tractor.  If you compare it to the other JD 4XXX models out there it's smaller.  It has a new script and tests error free in SP.  It's MP ready but not tested, so please let me know if there are any MP issues.

Operating Hours
ES Limiter NUMPAD +/-
Worklights NUMPAD 4 Front/5 Rear
Blinkers   NUMPAD 1,2,3
Beacon     Press "Home"
Front Lt   Press "F"
Tire Fall/JD Caster Action Front Axle
Realistic Top Speed (31 kph)
Realistic Fuel Burn (27 lph under full load)

Runs error free but has the usual issue of white ground if you turn all 3 sets of lights on at once.  The front worklights provide more than enough light for field work so use the Front lights for road transport only.


Edit: Gnftr04
Model: Knagsted
Original Textures: Knagsted
Script: Gnftr04, thanks to Sotillo and PeterJ for making great scripts which I studied and adapted for this mod
Sounds: Taken from Sotillo/Nikk105 JD7710
Wheels: Taken from 7810 Pack by Paldoo (Original Templaer/Wohlstandskind)
Lua Scripts:
WheelFall/SuspensionAxes (TireFall) by Tobias F.
Operating Hours and ES Limiter by Manuel Leithner
Beleuchtung V3 (worklights) by Sven77


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    Version 1.0


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    by gnftr04
    ago almost 11 years
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    by gnftr04
    ago almost 11 years


30.04 2012
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V 1.0
Farming Simulator 2011
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