John Deere 8000 Series

V 3.0 Final Beast mod for Farming Simulator 17

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Hello Modhoster Comunnity! :) I'm proud to present you my totally new John Deere 8000 Series forage harvester in farming simulator 2017.

It has been reprogrammed, it all took a lot of hours with pack of cutters inside.


All working on basic script including nice washable, indicators inside, lightning and more...


During tests No Log Errors has been detected! Fehler frei!


  • 8300i Power: 455 ps Price: 260.000
  • 8600i Power: 582 ps Price: 315.000
  • 8800i Power: 755 ps Price: 350.000
  • John Deere Cutter 686 Width: 6m (recommended for 8300i and 8600i)
  • John Deere Kemper 390 Width: 9m (recommended for 8800i)
  • Zürn Profi Cut 620 Width: 6.2m 
  • John Deere PickUp 659


On the 3 first pictures there are no beacon lights but they are added, look picture 4 :)


Remember about respect for this great model author. Most sinister, thank you!


Please do not edit this version! This is V1.0 and i can make next one!

Please keep only my download link!


Modell: Most Sinister, Marthu

Textur: Most Sinister, Marthu

Programming: Marthu 


  • 02 Sep 01:04
    Version 3.0 Final Beast

    Hello all! My John Deere 8000 is finished and this is the last 3 Final Version. It has many corrections and changes.

    List of all changes:
    - For better optimization, there is no mess in zip file
    - Many texture changes
    - All engine versions available (From 8100i to 8800i)
    - Engine decals are fixed!
    - New fixed engine power, up to 843 HP!
    - Added Crawler Configuration: 600DT Deluxe Tracks and 36inch Tracks
    - Added front Twin Wheels
    - Back rims Corrected
    - All JD PickUp Versions to choose: 639, 649, 659
    - Added Dynamic Exhaust
    - Threshing Sound Update
    - New Joystick Script
    - New IC Buttons
    - Fron Warning on IC Buttons
    - RDA in wheels on IC Buttons
    - Added Passenger Script
    - All cutters have corrected attacher
    - Pipe changes
    - Cab scale changes
    - New store pictures, price and many other...

    Have a good game, Marthu ;)

    Please do not edit this mod!
    Please do not change my link!

  • 26 Feb 15:33
    Version 2.0

    Verion 2.0 is ready and including massive amount of corrections.

    Most important of them:
    - Fixed engine torque (now real power)
    - Added new model 8100i (smallest 340 PS)
    - Joystick Animation
    - Interactive Control (IC)
    - Animated Doors, Steering Wheel Column, Folding mirrors (IC)
    - Added new set of tires
    - Added pipe lights
    - Added Fuel Indicator (Hours and Hectare counter is on the right screen)
    - Programmed Zurn Trailer
    - Fixed chaff animation
    - Fixed attacher rotations in all cutters. Yes, now you can lift JD grass Pickup.
    - And some other...

    Have a good game, Marthu ;)

  • 11 Feb 15:18
    Version 1.0




11.02 2017
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V 3.0 Final Beast
Farming Simulator 17
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02. 09 2017 21,067
V 2.0
Farming Simulator 17
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26. 02 2017 17,660
V 1.0
Farming Simulator 17
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  1. Marthu1990 27. 02 2017

    Important! There is a small bug with models 8600i and 8800i
    Please replace only xml file:
    I won't upload again 105 mb. Sorry for this bug, did't see it on last tests.

    Yes, I'm planning to make 4,5 and 7,5 meters headers and also all engine models and new configurations in Final 3 Version. Will be aviable in next 2-3 weeks because i'm currently working on Claas Jaguar 900 Series ;)

    1 replies

  2. Marthu1990 12. 02 2017

    Thank you for good notes. I know that there might be shortcomings.
    This is version 1.0 and i read all comments to make it better.

  3. FunteX 12. 05 2017

    Can you please ad some tension straps or something to keep the disc header in place on the trailer, then this will be perfect . . . :)

  4. Heineken 26. 02 2017

    Hello Marthu1990,

    Thank you for your very good mod. I find only one mistake in my opinion...smaller john deere header is too big (if we compare to krone header from standard games). Are you planning to do 4,5 header for your JD 8100i?

  5. VEOS 12. 02 2017

    Very Nice good Work!

  6. madmex 12. 02 2017

    to bad the mirrors are not working they are black
    but its an very nice working JD

  7. redotsociety 12. 02 2017

    Not bad at all, needs a little tuning to make the HP values realistic, but so far so good, very clean log. The file system is a mess though in the rar lol

  8. if I am correct than this is the one from most sinister, who is also mentioned in the credits ... this is not the one from The8600ipower ...

  9. aegir 12. 02 2017

    great work, pls more stuff like this

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