John Deere 8020 Serie

V 4.0 Final Fix mod for Farming Simulator 17

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Characteristics of mod:

Fully washable

panel IC

gloss texture

The choice of engine power (220PS, 250PS, 275PS, 300PS, 325PS)

Ability to open left door on the outside of the tractor

Silenced cabin

Reclining passenger seat

Animated joystick

opening the bonnet

Adjusting the steering

Buy Twin wheels

Buy Wheel weights

Darker Dynamic Suction

folding forearm

Opened the door, rear window

Work light, turn signals, brake lights

Folding warning signs

The dust under the wheels

Speedometer and tachometer

Movable front fenders

Animated hydraulic

Log It is free of errors


* Please keep the original link.

* Please appreciate my work.

* You can mod on other forums move only please copy the whole thing.


Script:Rysiu_77_,Manuel Leithner, MajsteR


  • 02 Feb 21:54
    Version 4.0 Final Fix

    *Fehler wurden behoben in Vorderachse, Hintere Hydraulik (Mod funktioniert nun korrekt beim letzten Patch
    *Hinzugefügt neue visuelle Konfigurationen
    *Neue texturen für Trelleborg Reifen
    *Korrigierte Kollisionen in Rädern

  • 02 Nov 21:47
    Version 4.0 Final

    *Dynamische Schläuche (Dynamic Hoses)
    *Neue Abgasemissionen
    *Neue Konfigurationsräder / Neue Reifen
    *Viele neue Konfigurationen für der Traktor
    *Fix waschbar
    *Neue Textur für Michelin-Reifen
    *Neue Felgenfarbe
    *Fehler und andere visuelle Änderungen wurden behoben

  • 21 Apr 20:44
    Version 3.0

    *Neue Funktionen auf Interaktive Steuerung
    *Neue Konfigurationen von Rädern
    *Michelin Reifen
    *Zusatz Reifendruckanlage (IC Steuerung)
    *Neue Textur Schmutz(Neue Farbe von Schmutz)
    *Hinzugefügt Nummernschilder
    *Animation Scheibenwischer (IC Steuerung)
    *Mod arbeitet mit Course Play
    *Verbessertes Modell
    *Abmontiert die vorderen Kotflügel (IC Steuerung)
    *Neue Schaltflächen für Interaktive Steuerung
    *Neue realistischere Textur und reduziertem Glanz
    *Repariert Heckkraftheber und Frontscheibe
    *Andere Anpassungen, Verbesserungen

  • 11 Feb 21:05
    Version 2.0

    *Selektion:Fronthydraulik oder Frontgewicht
    *Voll Animation der Vorderradaufhängung
    *Neues Licht
    *Mod Passagier
    *Neue Textur Schmutz
    *Neue Konfigurationen
    *Repariert alle Erkannt Fehler
    *Verbesserte Texturen und Visuelle Änderungen

  • 11 Jan 21:26
    Version 1.0




11.01 2017
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V 4.0 Final Fix
Farming Simulator 17
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02. 02 2018 20,625
V 4.0 Final
Farming Simulator 17
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02. 11 2017 13,757
V 3.0
Farming Simulator 17
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21. 04 2017 15,579
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25 Comments for John Deere 8020 Serie

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  1. Rysiu_77_ 25. 01 2018

    Hello, I am writing this comment because I wanted to inform you that I fixed errors in JD 8020/8030 Series related to the front axes, back hydraulic and fixed error in other animation. The tractors work correctly on the latest patch ( I planne to release corrected JD 8020/8030 Series in the near future.

  2. Rysiu_77_ 17. 11 2017

    Thank you for the information, I will try to fix this error in the front axes. More info in soon...

  3. mark0 25. 08 2018

    can anyone help me and give me a clue on how to download this so i can use it on fs17 please

  4. Emre ayiboan 10. 06 2018

    The camera angle is so weird. After playing 4, 5 minutes im starting to feel sick. SOmething like motion sickness. Can you adjust the cmera angle please? Or at least tell me how to do it ?l do it myself on my copy. The mod is perfect but the camera anlge is soo bad. Please fix it or tell me how can i fix it on my copy. Please. ? cant play like that it makes me feel sick and my head aches.

  5. JUKIGAM3S 24. 02 2018

    nice mood I like this

  6. Tijson 03. 02 2018

    Hi Rysiu,

    Thank you very much! Are you planning to fix your other models too? Really hope so.

    1 replies

  7. olhund 18. 01 2018

    yes, the log is clear

    but there are errors, in the rear lift arm has uploaded 2 pictures

  8. where is the front axle fix ?

  9. Emre ayiboan 15. 01 2018

    Why are you modder do this strange camera angle? ?t makes me feel sick. ? can't play with this camera angle. The mod is just perfect but i can't play it, i just feel sick when i play with it.

  10. sintara 06. 01 2018

    this takes 34 mins to download as your upload site spams me with BUY premium

  11. STIANBY 07. 12 2017

    The front axle is not looking quite well..

  12. not only the 3 point hitch works good with update 1.5.1, the front axle is weird too...please fix it!

    2 replies

  13. ometinus 03. 11 2017

    the tractor is realy nice, but with the update 1.5.1 the rear 3-point hitch acts weird.
    Is there a way to fix this?

  14. Mi.Senior 02. 05 2017

    The sound inside and outside the cabin is exactly the same. This has to be setup.

  15. FunteX 13. 02 2017

    Could someone please fix the front suspensionarms and the animation of the front axle. It is driving me nuts knowing that it is only the wheel that is moving and not the actual suspension that moves

  16. unregistered user 26. 01 2017

    Can you make the front arm openable by a hotkey in addition to IC please?

    Also please remove the light effect and make it look like other tractors.

  17. mackintosh 14. 01 2017

    Quite possibly the best freely available JD tractor out there. Almost perfect.

  18. jocesz 13. 01 2017

    Very nice job! Yeah. Would you do a version that does not have "lights effect"?

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