John Deere 8030 Serie

V 5.0 Official Final mod for Farming Simulator 17

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John Deere 8530 v1 version of Farming Simulator 2017th


Characteristics of mod:

Fully washable

Wheel Shader

panel IC

Delicate shine texture

Ability to open left door on the outside of the tractor

Silenced cabin

Reclining passenger seat

opening the bonnet

Adjusting the steering

Darker Dynamic Suction

folding forearm

Opened the door, rear window

Work light, turn signals, brake lights

warning signs Folding

The dust under the wheels

Speedometer and tachometer

Movable front fenders

Animated hydraulic

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Script:Rysiu77,Manuel Leithner, MajsteR


  • 02 Nov 23:24
    Version 5.0 Official Final

    *Hinzugefügt Warnschilder Konfigurationen (4 Typen)
    *Hinzugefügt Arbeitsscheinwerfer Konfigurationen
    *Hinzugefügt Logo Konfiguration (John Deere, Rebo Landmaschinen, Agravis Technik, B + S Landtechnik und Michelin)
    *Neue Michelin-Reifen
    *Neues GPS StarFire3000
    *Fixed Texturen
    *Neue Texturenfenster

  • 23 Feb 22:46
    Version 4.0 Final

    *Fehler wurden behoben in Vorderachse, Hintere Hydraulik (Mod funktioniert nun korrekt beim letzten Patch
    *Hinzugefügt neue visuelle Konfigurationen
    *Hinzugefügt 3 Arten Michelin Reifen
    *Neuer Grill
    *Hinzugefügt Beweglichen Kühlerlüfter
    *Lichter wurden verbessert
    *Neue texturen für Trelleborg Reifen
    *Neue Felgenfarbe
    *Korrigierte Kollisionen in Rädern
    *Fehler und andere visuelle Änderungen wurden behoben

  • 16 Jul 22:42
    Version 4.0

    *Michelin Reifen
    *Zusatz Reifendruckanlage (RDA in wheels)
    *Dynamische Schläuche (Dynamic Hoses)
    *Neue AbgasEffekte
    *Neue Funktionen
    *Verbessertes Textur

  • 24 Mar 20:36
    Version 3.0

    *Neue Funktionen auf Interaktive Steuerung
    *Neue Konfigurationen von Rädern
    *Voll Animation der Vorderradaufhängung
    *Neue Textur Schmutz(Neue Farbe von Schmutz)
    *Neue realistischere Textur und reduziertem Glanz
    *Abmontiert die vorderen Kotflügel
    *Mod Passagier
    *Mod arbeitet mit Course Play
    *Verbessertes Modell
    *Neue Schaltflächen für Interaktive Steuerung
    *Repariert Heckkraftheber
    *Andere Anpassungen, Verbesserungen

  • 25 Jan 21:05
    Version 2.2

    *Selektion:Fronthydraulik oder Frontgewicht
    *Veränderter Licht
    *Neue Funktionen
    *Repariert alle Erkannt Fehler
    *Verbesserte Texturen und Visuelle Änderungen

  • 15 Dec 21:59
    Version 2.1

    *Verbesserte Texturen
    *Die Wahl der Motorleistung (235PS,260PS,290PS,320PS,350 PS)
    *Animierter Joystick
    *Einige Bugs behoben
    *Neue Animationen und Funktionen
    *Visuelle Änderungen

  • 17 Nov 22:17
    Version 2.0

    *Reparation alle Erkannt Fehler
    *Neue textur waschbar
    *Kaufen Zwillingsräder
    *Kaufen Auswuchtgewichte
    *Hinzugefügt Glanz Texturen

  • 11 Nov 21:41
    Version 1.0




11.11 2016
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V 5.0 Official Final
Farming Simulator 17
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V 4.0 Final
Farming Simulator 17
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V 4.0
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16 Comments for John Deere 8030 Serie

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  1. Rysiu_77_ 25. 01 2018

    Hello, I am writing this comment because I wanted to inform you that I fixed errors in JD 8020/8030 Series related to the front axes, back hydraulic and fixed error in other animation. The tractors work correctly on the latest patch ( I planne to release corrected JD 8020/8030 Series in the near future. Thank you for your patience.

    3 replies

  2. Rysiu_77_ 17. 11 2017

    Thank you for the information, I will try to fix this error in the axes. More info in soon...

    1 replies

  3. DreamTrucker 21. January

    Hallo, ein wirklich Super Teil. Klasse

  4. JohnDeereFan 01. 04 2018

    Dashboard and the steer itself could be a little more decorative. For example the john deere logo in the center of the steering wheel.

    Also the tractor just doesn't get dirty very hard, which is a shame because i really like dirty tractors.

  5. VvlDino 21. 02 2018

    On the lates version of this mod the twin wheels have no colision, the mod is realy good and well made, but the only problem i

  6. VvlDino 21. 02 2018

    On the lates version of this mod the twin wheels have no colision, the mod is realy good and well made, but the only problem is the twin wheels

  7. How do i fix the axes?

  8. Foxhound1 11. 11 2017

    the front wheel axes are disconnected with the game update 1.5.1 please fix it

  9. rucok 27. 01 2017

    Well done! very nice mod ;)
    5 stars from me and I recommended this mod :)
    Keep it up and I look forward to further such good mods.

  10. unregistered user 26. 01 2017

    I took a screenshot of the new lights.

    It's too much, don't you agree? The 8020 is in the background and the intensity of about right.

  11. unregistered user 26. 01 2017

    Good update, but the lights are too bright now :(

  12. jocesz 17. 01 2017

    Hy! Very goog this mod! Please make one other version without lights effect. Ty!

  13. BjoernP 18. 11 2016

    There is an Error when standing in front of the left door: "Missing SET_DOOROPENER in l10n_de.xml"

    4/5 Stars, nice John Deere, good work!

  14. gec100 16. 11 2016

    tractor is not puling some active tools more than 2 kph. Did not test all but these are the ones i tested: Splendimo 320¸FC, Splendimo 900 MC, Hibiscus 1515, BigBaler 1290.

    Almost like it does not have declared HP.

    1 replies

  15. devilkw 13. 11 2016

    After saving game and reload it, you have no veichle loaded,becaus this tractror have an error on saving. it put 2 times the dirtamount variable,and loading go on error.
    for solve it you need to open manually careerVeichle.xml file,find the line with this mod, and remove one of dirtamount declaration.

  16. madmex 12. 11 2016

    Nice JD only the frondarm is not 100% working see picture, and some warnings in log
    Warning: Missing l10n for button INTERACTIVE_CONTROL_SWITCH in JD8530_FS17
    Warning: Missing l10n for button SET_DOOROPENER in JD8530_FS17

    1 replies