John Deere 8R Series

V 3 mod for Farming Simulator 17

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John Deere 8R series by TechMod a.s. This is V3 version of our mod :) 





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Copyright © 2010-2015 All rights reserved



Model: Hulalo Modding (TechMod a.s.)
Texture: Hulalo Modding (TechMod a.s.)
Script: Oriešok Modding (TechMod a.s.)
Idea / Concept: Oriešok Modding (TechMod a.s.)
Testing: Oriešok Modding (TechMod a.s.), Agrostroj team
Special thanks to: LsJira Cz, DZ ModdingCz, Fira Cz, Slavo LS Modding

Author of Michelin Breit tires: Rysiu 77


  • 12 May 09:55
    Version 3

    -new sounds
    -GPS configurations
    -front attacher configuration
    -More wheels configurations
    -Fan Sound (script by LoogleCZ)
    -adblue support
    -oil change support
    -cab suspension
    -motor vybrations
    -exhaust script
    -dynamic hosses support
    -enter animation
    -better gloss
    -textures edit
    -nurmbers plate script
    -warning sings configuration
    -mirrors configuration

  • 19 Mar 20:37
    Version 2

    New functions
    Better physics
    More scripts
    New sounds
    New wheels
    Twin wheels

  • 27 Nov 20:32
    Version BETA




27.11 2016
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16 Comments for John Deere 8R Series

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  1. Hi there guys, i did a mean review on the 8R John Deere, have a look on it here... Take care, Farmer BoB

  2. denchbighorn 19. 02 2017

    not a bad model. but this light is unnecessary and a very bad impression. sounds a little too overdone

  3. whipson13 09. 02 2017

    When are we going to see some updates?!

  4. marcolussi 28. 01 2017

    The tractor is really awesome!!!
    but the only bad things is the scale, because is not 1:1 scale :(

  5. whipson13 05. 12 2016

    I'm really looking forward to improvements on this mod ;)

  6. 29. 11 2016

    You made a nice tractor there, so thanks for shareing it with us.
    However i found some small bugs which you hopefully will fix in the future updates:
    1. rework the rear hydraulics, the model of it is worse than the model of the hole tractor
    2. please remove the light cone, it looks like you drive through thick fog, it might look great in a few places and on pictures but not in the regular game
    3. reduce the volume of the enginestopsound, its way to loud
    4. shorten the enginestartsound, if you accelerate before the startsound finished it sounds rather strange

  7. Nabi 28. 11 2016

    I fu... love it. But i hope you can fix a few things.

    The frontfenders look in the engine.
    The stopsounds sounds a bit strange.
    Lightcones are not so good.
    I hope you also can install a radio.

    Otherwise a realy great tractor and i hope we see more John Deere tractors from you.
    Thank you for share this mod with us.

  8. skenzer2000 28. 11 2016

    Looks great so far! Was surprised at the quality of a "beta" version. No errors in the log! Runs great, operates great. Would love to see more motor variants. And possibly a weight set provided for the front weight holder.

  9. Tenshi 28. 11 2016

    Wow! This is beta?? The best tractor mod for FS17.
    Please work at him.

  10. Gughix 28. 11 2016

    I don't like so much real lights, can you make a version without or a option to toggle off?

  11. itsnick426 28. 11 2016

    I would have downloaded it, but I don't trust the download link

  12. whipson13 27. 11 2016

    could you make a chrome exhaust an option?

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