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Welcome to Kolonia 1990! This is the Polish map for Farming Simulator 2019 set in the climate of the 90s.

The map has:
- Two farms (pigs / cows and chickens)
- Over 80 fields
- Biogas plant
- Sawmill
- Forest
- Missions on the fields
- Animated doors and lights
- New textures tree, crop and ground
- Two selling points
- Polish climate
And a lot more... Changelog:
-Support for mod seasons
-Adaptation of the map for consoles
-Changed textures of maize, soybeans and grass
-Changed icon Changelog:
- Added Normal map textures to objects
- Light reflection on the roofs has been added
- New sounds have been added on the map
- Snow was added on the roofs
- Frozen ponds have been added in winter
- Painted paving stones have been added
- Bush painting added
- Field textures have been improved
- Farmlands have been improved
- The entrance to the top of the garage has been improved
- Corn textures have been corrected
- Fixed SeasonsMask
- Snow-covered roads have been added Changelog:
- Straw bales has been added for animal bales
- The cowshed has been improved

I hope you like the map




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20.05 2020
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