Kramer KL200

V 2.1 mod for Farming Simulator 15

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Hello dear community,

This is the Kramer KL200 from the LS13!


The tractor has the following features:

  • He is dirty
  • He has full vintage lighting
  • It has a custom engine with 20 hp (max. 20 km / h)

This is the second version of the mod!
He is almost perfect!
With strong demand will be working on a version 2, which aims to overcome the well to the aforementioned problems!
It would be nice if there were constructive feedback on your part!
It would help to improve the mod even further!

For those who are still unsure, shortly followed by a video!


Happy testing!

Your YB-Performance Team


If you want to give us more inspiration, tell us your ideas about personal message in Modhoster or via the contact form with our website or via e-mail.

Please give it to your real e-mail address to avoid confusion. We are happy to inform you well in this way on the Apparition g of mods. Or simply subscribe to our Newsletter (in German) !


- YB-Performance:
- JH (Konvertierung & Ausarbeitung)
- Yannik Bauer (Öffentlichkeitsarbeit)

- GIANTS Software


  • 01 Nov 12:43
    Version 2.1

    Kleinere Änderungen am Aussehen, Minimale Bugfix

  • 01 Mar 21:24
    Version 2.0

    Neuerungen sind: Bugfix der angesprochenen Probleme, einige Texturenverbesserungen & es gibt endlich Blinker!

  • 28 Feb 17:58
    Version 1.0



checksum: e148e3b53258810330e1d15a83ea7816
Version: 2.1
multiplayer ready? yes
Author: JH
price in shop: 9995 LS
name in shop: KramerKL200
description in shop: Dies ist der KramerKL200.

28.02 2015
Modhoster user rating
3.93 / 27 Votes


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V 2.1
Farming Simulator 15
7.09 MB 5979
01. 11 2015 5,979
V 2.0
Farming Simulator 15
7.24 MB 5075
01. 03 2015 5,075
V 1.0
Farming Simulator 15
6.44 MB 1457
28. 02 2015 1,457

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  1. Spyderco_12 01. 11 2015

    Error: Invalid mod name 'FS15_KramerKL200_V2.1'! Characters allowed: (_, A-Z, a-z, 0-9). The first character must not be a digit. Do I have a mod conflict?

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