Krampe BBS 650

V 1.0 Flache Ausführung mod for Farming Simulator 2013

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We even own the game Krampe BBS 650 taken from the game and created some hand.

The idea was to have a tandem trailer that has good volume but not too high, and in addition can upload everything there is to load.

As we began to cramp right :)

As usual, this can tilt to the side and rear tipper.


What has changed?

- Tire dust
- Washable
- Lighting v3.1 (2)
- Sidelights
- Reverse light
- Additional brake light
- Binker left / warning / right
- Spotlight Back (On trailer (press the G) and then press numblock 5)
- New wheels

The following fruits can be loaded:

# wheat
# barley
# rape
# corn
# potatoes
# beet
# grass
# straw
# silage
# chopped
# Concentrates
# crap

This pendant will be gradually expanded as new crops come out.

He was tested in SP and MP and is:


Big thanks to Thuruk for help with this project!

As always:

* It is not allowed to upload the mod again!
* This mod may not be offered without the express permission ONLY HERE FOR MH!
* If you have problems please report to userem forum!
* We will not respond to support questions!

Happy Farming and Happy wishes Fieldstar modding team!


Model: Giants / [FSM]Chefkoch
Scripts: Sven777b, Manuel Leithner,
Räder: agrotron 155
Arbeitsscheinwerfer: fendthannes
Planen und Bel Einbau: Thuruk


  • 31 Dec 12:56
    Version 1.0 Flache Ausführung




checksum: 5efbde88520f273e4783a3abd41462a0
Version: 1.0 Flache Ausführung
multiplayer ready? no
Author: GIANTS + [FSM]Chefkoch
price in shop: 24999 LS
name in shop: Krampe BBS 650 CE
description in shop: Tandem 2-Seiten Kipper flache Ausführung.
Zum Transport von Weizen, Gerste, Raps, Körnermais, Silage, Gras, Kartoffeln, Mist, Zuckerrüben, Häckselgut, Schwaden und Kraftfutter

31.12 2012
Modhoster user rating
4.56 / 52 Votes


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V 1.0 Flache Ausführung
Farming Simulator 2013
9.4 MB 18459
31. 12 2012 18,459

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