Krone BiG M 500

V mod for Farming Simulator 19

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The existing Mod was kind of dispassionate and incomplete, so I made some changes:

  • The front mower hydraulics were reinstated
  • All the lights were completely redone using FS19 shared lights
  • Dipped beams, high beams and side markers were added
  • The beacon light and the working lights were swapped out
  • The control lights for the working lights etc. in the upper cabin space were made operational
  • The displays and backlit joystick buttons now only light up by starting the motor
  • Work modes for wide spreading and partial swath were added
  • The eject lids on the mowing units open and close accordingly now
  • Animations for grass ejection were added
  • The correct working width of 13.2 m was restored
  • The width of the front eject lids was reduced to reflect the original vehicle
  • Motor characteristics were slightly changed
  • The volume of the diesel tank was increased to 970 litres and a 70 litres DEF fill volume was added as per the original vehicle
  • The engine sound was swapped out with the engine sound of the BiG X 1180 (BiG M 450 sound was used before)
  • The broad wheel tire option of the original vehicle was added
  • The intensity of dirt and scratches was reduced by using a new specular map
  • Most of the outside body parts now make use of the FS19 U/V material system instead of textures
  • The original Krone colors were reinstated
  • The price was increased


Props go out to the original authors.


Disclaimer: The BiG M certainly still isn't perfect but I'm not a professional modder or graphics designer, so bear with me. I still feel that I improved the vehicle by a lot. Have fun with it!


Credits: GTXM Mods, Dince, winston9587, Eagle355th, Aaron6446, Otis Little bear Modding


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15.09 2019
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4 Comments for Krone BiG M 500

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  1. ingo123 09. March

    Wäre es auch Möglich Das der auch für den LS. 22 Kommt Das wäre Cool

  2. Catweazle_59 24. 05 2021

    Der Big M500 ist super klasse.
    Dennoch habe ich mal eine frage und zwar wäre es nicht auch möglich, das man das Mähwerk Vorne unabhängig vom hinteren heben und senken kann? Also folglich den Big M500 so umzubauen?
    Aber wie gesagt er ist auch so schon eine ganz grosse Arbeit.

  3. ombmika 04. 05 2021

    Hallo Zusammen,
    Super BigM. Passt soweit alles, aber:
    Bei Bretablage sind die Klappen geöffnet.
    Beim heben der Schneidwerke gehen sie zu und nicht wieder auf!
    Weiß jeman Rat?

    1 replies

  4. sieht geil aus, aber ich habe auf der map grassland gekauft im selber erstellten multiplayer zum test, aber er schneidet kein gras. habe runter geklappt mit X und mit V und mit B angemacht, der Big m 450 schneidet gras auf der selben fläche