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The existing Mod was kind of dispassionate and incomplete, so I made some changes:

  • The front mower hydraulics were reinstated
  • All the lights were completely redone using FS19 shared lights
  • Dipped beams, high beams and side markers were added
  • The beacon light and the working lights were swapped out
  • The control lights for the working lights etc. in the upper cabin space were made operational
  • The displays and backlit joystick buttons now only light up by starting the motor
  • Work modes for wide spreading and partial swath were added
  • The eject lids on the mowing units open and close accordingly now
  • Animations for grass ejection were added
  • The correct working width of 13.2 m was restored
  • The width of the front eject lids was reduced to reflect the original vehicle
  • Motor characteristics were slightly changed
  • The volume of the diesel tank was increased to 970 litres and a 70 litres DEF fill volume was added as per the original vehicle
  • The engine sound was swapped out with the engine sound of the BiG X 1180 (BiG M 450 sound was used before)
  • The broad wheel tire option of the original vehicle was added
  • The intensity of dirt and scratches was reduced by using a new specular map
  • Most of the outside body parts now make use of the FS19 U/V material system instead of textures
  • The original Krone colors were reinstated
  • The price was increased


Props go out to the original authors.


Disclaimer: The BiG M certainly still isn't perfect but I'm not a professional modder or graphics designer, so bear with me. I still feel that I improved the vehicle by a lot. Have fun with it!


Credits: GTXM Mods, Dince, winston9587, Eagle355th, Aaron6446, Otis Little bear Modding


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