Krone BigPack 12130

V 2.0 (variable Presskammer) by acert mod for Farming Simulator 2011

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This mod is scaled 1:1.

Here is the 2nd Version of my big baler.



Has been revised:


Press + channel increases

+ Bales Collision fixed

+ Bales can now be loaded with Autostack

+ Pickup widens

+ Fixed particle system



The press now has a variable bale chamber. You can choose between 3 different arms:


- 320 KG bales

- 400 KG bales

- 570 KG bales



The selection is done with the keys 5.6 and 7




New design, new content!


The new series has optimized BiGPack KRONE in close cooperation with the practice and increase the performance of VFS BiGPack further. With new X-Cut cutting technology, enlarged and optimized variables filling VFS system and new konstruiertem sprue this big pack press is unbeatable regarding compression and throughput!






The BigPack was completely rebuilt and FULLY ANIMATED.






Features / Specifications:




- Wheat, Barley Grass and Drygrass


- New tires


- Animated Pickup (raise / lower)


- Animated auger


- Animated intake rotor


- Animated sprue flap


- Walterscheid PTO Power detention attacher


- Tire dust


- Extra Press particle system


- Help completely in German




- Animated sprue ejector / bale chamber emptied by pressing a button








The BigPack 12130 makes up to 27 Km / h working speed a good figure, and thus increases


the throughput tremendously!











As appropriate Ballcarts I recommend the Black Mountain Ball Pendant:




As appropriate Auto Stacker I recommend following mod:









The press has a polycount of about 20,000, and a need of around 10 MB VRAM.


Thus it is in PERFORMANCE FRIENDLY and running error free!

















The mod can not be uploaded again! Please use the ORIGINAL LINK!





















Its Forbidden to host the mod anywhere! Use the ORIGINAL DOWNLOAD LINK!













The following download link is under copyright law of the Federal Republic of Germany as the official database value



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    Version 2.0 (variable Presskammer) by acert


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checksum: f3b26bc475e686c4a739435237ace2a0
Version: 2.0 (variable Presskammer) by acert
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Author: acert
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name in shop: Krone BigPack 12130
description in shop: Krone BigPack 12130 Grosspackenpresse. Baujahr 2008. Mod by acert

04.09 2012
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V 2.0 (variable Presskammer) by acert
Farming Simulator 2011
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