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This is Krowniki map - one of the most beautiful maps in the world of Farming Simulator 2011! There are two vilages on the map. The main agropoint is Araj. But here are other sell points too. You can grow fruits you want, wheat, barley, rape, maize, cotton, greenwheat, sunflower, sugarbeet, potato and soybean on several average fields. Also there are large bunkers for grains on the farm. Cattle farm is situated in the centre of the map

greenwheat is the fruit that converts into grass by forage harvester

for this you have to do such a thing:

open xml. of your forage harvester, find converting section ( <convertedFruits>

        <convertedFruit input="maize" output="chaff"/>

        <convertedFruit input="grass" output="grass"/>


    </convertedFruits>) and write there: <convertedFruit input="greenwheat" output="grass"/>

and add greenwheat into bunker and cutter: <grainTankFruitTypes fruitTypes="maize grass greenwheat" />



cutter: <fruitTypes fruitTypes="maize greenwheat grass"/>




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    Version 1.0 Dlc 2




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04.02 2014
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V 1.0 Dlc 2
Farming Simulator 2011
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  1. showgunn84 05. 02 2014

    Wheres the vehicles that its asking for in the defaultVehicles.xml that the log file says its missing? If your going to release a map with modded start vehicles, include links or its kinda pointless to add them for start vehicles.

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