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Hello Com,

because I own the game Futtermischwagen was too small for larger dairy farms, I once browsed a bit on the Kuhn-web and found the large, three-axis mixer feeders of the Euromix series. So I put me time range, and a bit of tinkering from the Profiles mixer what. Originally, this caused a three-axis mixer feeders. But when I built so came one to the other and in the end there were 3 different then.

A profile 2880C with two axles and three augers and 28000 liters

A profile 3580C with three axes and three augers and 35000 liters

A profile 4280C with three axes and three augers and 42000 liters

All have front and rear a feed discharge. Of course, with adapted Parti Celan Imation. And I've also increases the immersion equal loading times accordingly. All besitzten lighting and of course washable. In addition, all steering axles and suspension chassis got. The prices are on the website Kuhn and correspond to reality.

Hope you have fun with it and they can really use. LOG is naturally clean and can be loaded the fruits and the original can load profiles in the same ratio.

Have fun with it

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  • 08 Apr 21:58
    Version 1.0


08.04 2015
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V 1.0
Farming Simulator 15
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  1. numisol 09. 04 2015

    Hi, good mod, very usefull. I have a question. How can i make this trailer be filled by mischstation? Thanks. Keep up the good work.