Agricultural Simulator 2008

V 1.1 mod for Farming Simulator 15

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Hi virtual farmer.


Today, the MR Junkys would like to introduce in collaboration with the allbeliebten Mod Temple a new (old) Map.


One sits in the evening Ts, talks about how good but older versions LS waren.Da flashed but equal to a thought by the Kopf.Warum we do not get the good old LS 2008 after LS 2015th


Not thinking long and rangeklotzt.


the Map!

Standard types of fruit

-an outlet (port)

-Biomasse Power plant

-Holzverkauf The harbor

Biogas plant

Important !!! It needed as it is a 1to1 Replica Replica no Zusatzmods !!!

The heist: It is the original default Map ausm 08er all buildings converted and cleaned!


Equal to the whiners this map is exclusively intended to the good old game beginning 08 to revive !!!


Thank Scania in 2011 for the great cooperation !!!!


Ich Scania 2011


  • 23 Nov 10:28
    Version 1.1

    -kleinere Bugfixes

  • 20 Nov 21:49
    Version 1.0




checksum: 4e07d03b73f74940eaf743db084fc880
Version: 1.1
multiplayer ready? yes
Author: Deere8400
price in shop: LS
name in shop: LS08Map_LS15
description in shop: Herzlich willkommen im LS08Map_LS15

20.11 2015
Modhoster user rating
3.98 / 45 Votes


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V 1.1
Farming Simulator 15
110 MB 3367
23. 11 2015 3,367
V 1.0
Farming Simulator 15
108 MB 3378
20. 11 2015 3,378

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