Liquid Transport And Sprayer Pack

V 1.0 mod for Farming Simulator 22

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This is a pack of liquid transport tanks. The trailer tanks can be configured for either the transport or spraying of liquids. The large liquid transport tank that can be used with any flat bed trailer. The smaller transport trailer is made to use with modded vehicles like the tlx 2020 and other semi attachers. They do not work with the base game pickup trucks as they have a different attacher type. These tanks have the ability to hold all of the basegame liquids. You will need to "enter" the large tank to be able load and overload. WARNING: When full the large tank is very heavy it is best to move it with no product inside!
Nurse Tank:
Price: $3500 - Capacity: 13250 liters
Price: $8500 - Capacity: 40000 liters
Transportable Sprayer:
Price: $1500 - Capacity: 2100 liters
Price: $2000 - Capacity: 10000 liters
Price with Sprayer: $3000-Capacity: 2100 liters
Price with Sprayer: $4000-Capacity: 10000 liters
Price: $3000-Capacity: 2100 liters
Price: $3500-Capacity: 10000 liters
Price with Sprayer: $4500-Capacity: 2100 liters
Price with Sprayer: $5500-Capacity: 10000 liters
Price: $8000-Capacity: 6100 liters
Price: $8500-Capacity: 15000 liters
Price with Sprayer: $9500-Capacity: 6100 liters
Price with Sprayer: $10500-Capacity: 15000 liters


Schultz Modding


  • 13 May 19:19
    Version 1.0



13.05 2022
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V 1.0
Farming Simulator 22
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