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Welcome to the Little Back Valley.
On the beautifully landscaped you have much to do, in addition to the generous applied fields.
In addition, the map is slightly hilly, a village on the lake, especially a completely redesigned PDA map.

A nursery has recently come to the place where one next to the field work and animal husbandry, also can operate forestry, which can be a small change for farmers.

How did I get to this map?

I have just taken my environment, where I live as a template. So I have also come to the sidewalks with parking bays, including the planting of the parking bays I have taken from my surroundings as a template and recreated in Maya and exported successfully and eingbunden into the map.
If you get lost, then you heutzugtage snaps his phone and calls you the electronic map in order to determine its location. So I asked myself why I do not like the PDA on my smartphone. Said and done, I've made myself several weeks thoughts and perfected my PDA map for the Little Back Valley. Some things I did not like, so I made it new and different. I think the PDA map is better than the air intake, which I had before.


What you erwaretet on the Map?

- A beautifully landscaped courtyard, which is next to the nursery

- A large-scale cow pasture with MapSiloBänder and Watermod 3.0 ... by Marhu

- A sheep pasture with WoolCollector (Watermod also) ... by Marhu

- A large-scale BGA with parking spaces

- A nursery Sägewekr and chip power plant in order to let off steam with the ForstMod ... by Raffnix, blackjack, Katsuo, Börndi

I would suggest ... you, you look at yourself you.

What do you need for the map?

- ForstMod ... Link:


For Map Hoschi97 has put together a mod pack.
In the Mod Pack are modified standard vehicles, not only differ from the appearance itself.

Mod-Pack ...

Bonus mods








I would like to especially thank Hoschi97 who has compiled me this mod pack, I like Bandit and Devin, has stood with advice and act to the side and have helped me with the construction of the map.
El Cid, Marhu, Raffnix, blackjack, Katsuo, Börndi and the modders not occur to me (please report back to me if anyone would like to be mentioned, I wear it then), the mods, scripts and textures I have used, I would like to thank you for your work, through you such maps can be built at all only.
Also, my tester, Verneigh, Hoschi97, Bandit, Deep Blue, oliver69, Mukussu, Spongepad I want the web took me for your time and thank's test for the error messages and criticism, without you I'd probably need to test the map 1-2 weeks .


El Cid, Marhu, Raffnix, Blackjack, Katsuo, Börndi


  • 15 Jul 09:30
    Version 1.0 ForstMod




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Version: 1.0 ForstMod
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Author: Dragnod
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description in shop: Little Back Valley V 1.0

14.07 2014
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V 1.0 ForstMod
Farming Simulator 2013
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