Manual Ignition

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Manual Ignition


This script adds manual ignition to all the vehicles in the game. There is no need to set something up in the .xml files of the vehicles.

After you entered a vehicle, a little hud appears on the bottom left side of the screen. You have to preheat the motor by pressing the startbutton once. After a little amount of time the preheating is finished and you can start the motor by pressing the button again.




Compatible to:

  • Drive Control
  • Light Addon


  • Script: Xentro
  • Hud: Niggels939


    • Adds manual ignition to all motor vehicles.
    • Pre heating of the enginge before it could be started.
    • HUD dissapears after about 5seconds later.


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It´s not allowed to edit this Mod ( package ) and no reupload without the permission of the Modder. You can find the Modder at



Script: Xentro
Hud/Graphics: Niggels


  • 17 Apr 15:14
    Version 4.0




checksum: 4263c618222a6966f6b34053dba83362
Version: 4.0
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Author: Xentro -
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17.04 2015
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V 4.0
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  1. opelman 17. 04 2015

    Why use this because off drive control?