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Hello dear community forums!

Now it is again so far back I have something new built

this time there is a traffic light system Functioning

The traffic lights are red and green depending on how many vehicles are at the crossroads

This map is ideal for the MP as large and small fields exist

The traffic light system provides a lot of fun in MP



- It is forbidden to change this map

- To remove objects from this map (shredders, traffic light system, etc.)

- Mab Edit

- Upload a New Map

- Upload new objects

- If I'm offending warning without refund lawsuit

(Everyone leaves traces on the Internet for a proof)

- It must be the original link can be used


This map also convinced by their small memory size




Is also built of wood shredder

It is a so-called "wood chipper"

where "shred" their trunks can! (Sell)


This shredder is completely different from the "bale shredding".

With this shredder the logs are fully animated "shredded".


Invites you down the map and see for yourself

It will be worth it.



To the map itself:



it will still need these two mods for the BGA




The map was slightly modified:




- Changed Fields


- Traffic light system installed


- Mountains deleted / Verädert


- Milk truck route changed


- Denser grass texture


- New texture swath


- Denser swath texture





2nd Yard installed


BGA installed


Trees added


New grass texture


Wood chipper





With the taste: Oh, the cylinders are moving


Many fields have been sown



It is not recommended any other maps in the mods folder to have










Map by pcspast




More about this map you can find out here because it is clear gestalltet, Auserd her place as an accurate description as the traffic lights work


No registration needed




Let under "stupid" comments otherwise it's our last of the mod will be posted here in Modhoster




more mods from us here:








- Download Map

- Exe file

- Select location for the data (desktop is recommended adjusted)

- Dan open the folder on the desktop and all 3 mod (zip) in the mods folder

- For the BGA mods Download if not available (link see description)

- Entfehrnen All other maps or mods fruits of your mods folder


Map by pcspast


  • 11 Aug 16:34
    Version 1



11.08 2011
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  1. JoNnii95 23. 12 2011

    Strafanzeige? Also ich musste lachen... Lächerlich. Naja die map ist so lala.

  2. coole map gefällt mir vorallem die ampelanlage ist cool

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