Milk Trailer Water Trailer

V 5.0 mod for Farming Simulator 2013

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Soo here is the V5 the trailer now you can bring water to the animals.


new features:

Water can be offload to the tube and the tube (see pictures)

Water can be from wells, recharge lake etc and in the water trough ( ) unload

There a few new scripte were installed that you can hide the pipe and the hose and auf-/abbauen (see pictures)


The log is clean! (See picture)

Mfg. spit


Das ist die v5 des trailers


  • 10 May 17:12
    Version 5.0



checksum: 530157232f9dabc3d371ed13cba6c366
Version: 5.0
multiplayer ready? no
Author: Marhu/edit:Spucke
price in shop: 8760 LS
name in shop: Milchtransporttank
description in shop: Die 1. Funktion: Man kann Wasser vom See oder von einem Brunnen holen und vom "Cow Water Mod" bei den entspechenden Stellen abladen.
Die 2. Funktion: Damit kann Milch von den Kühen bei der Molkerei verkauft werden (an den selben Positionen an den der Mi

10.05 2013
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4.85 / 47 Votes


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V 5.0
Farming Simulator 2013
3.01 MB 33341
10. 05 2013 33,341

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  1. reedyandreedy 13. 04 2014

    For some reason, can't get this to work on a Multiplay server,
    Any help is greatfull

  2. Joe`s farm dk 18. 05 2013

    hey 2000 + dl and only 29 said thanks. shame on user, it is really great and works great, it a premium star mod and we should all be great full for some one make mods and sharing it with us, especially when it is flawless, so dl and VOTE AND SAY THANKS to the creator/modder that it still awesome :) br joe dk

  3. Joe`s farm dk 11. 05 2013

    Hello great trailer and cool animation it is working nicely and yup no errors in log thx for sharing this awesome mod makes it lot more fun ;) best regards joe`s farm dk

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