Modified Hagenstedt

V Final mod for Farming Simulator 17

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This is the Hagenstedt Modified to LS17
In the Map you have Animals Forest
Fermenter silo for silage
Feed mixer Added for Forage
Added a factory Saegewerk
Point sell for Wood and Wood Chips and many more have fun



Model: Giants
Texture: Giants
Script: Marhu Mikki
Idea / Concept: TheSnake
Testing: Thanks to all the modders for the objects in the Map


  • 08 Jul 13:42
    Version Final

    Seasons Ready

  • 09 Dec 13:38
    Version Final Platinum

    Platinum Edition Ready

    This is a clean version no mods

  • 25 Mar 08:56
    Version Final

    Fixed some textures
    Added Production of Sugar Candys Cookies Juice
    Adeed more objects and many more
    Hope you enjoy

    Start a New career Vehicles are changed

    Recommended mods to play This Version

  • 18 Mar 11:30
    Version 1.4

    Fixed texture for the WoodBridge
    Rebuild the Dairy now you can produce cheese and Hmilk
    Added a Brauerei for production of Beer
    Added a GreenHouse Place
    Fabrik place Rebuild more mods added for production
    Rolltor added in the Farm and many more
    Hope you enjoy

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  • 11 Mar 18:09
    Version 1.3

    Fixed Straw for Cows and the Wall
    Rebuild the Hagenstedt Mill now you can produce FLOUR
    Added a train for wood
    Added a Bakery you can sell Flour
    Added a Slow Soja
    Hope you enjoy

    Flour Transport recommended Trailer)

    Milk Trigger)

  • 05 Mar 11:20
    Version 1.2

    New Pigs Cows Chickens Sheep are in the same Place
    Fixed Grass in the start
    Added more 400 trees in the map
    Updated Fabrik Script
    (Please Start a New Carreer)
    Hope you enjoy

  • 04 Feb 12:34
    Version 1.1

    Fixed some problems
    Added MultiFruits in the Map
    ChoppedStraw added
    Animated Splines added and many more have fun
    Please start a new Career

  • 30 Jan 07:52
    Version 1



29.01 2017
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3 Comments for Modified Hagenstedt

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  1. unregistered user 30. 01 2017

    Modified Hagenstedt
    V 1 Mod for Farm Simulator 17
    Yes hello I hope the mapper also reads this comment.
    To the map class the conversion of the Hagenstadt map only the one from the port area constantly flashes up the one should not drive too deep into the water and if one then from the port away left side because way direction BGA campground drives, yes then the farmer flies from the tractor And it ripples the tractor stops and even though no water there is sloshed? It would be really nice if the Mapper here would hand again and fix this mistake! Somehow built too deep because when you are at the port on the unloading triggers then the hint is gone! This refers to the entire harbor area as far as the former freight yard!
    Then there are still two bushes but I do not know where exactly that was. That you can not buy any vehicles or that they do not stand at the dealer I had not because I could also buy vehicles and they were then synonymous with the dealer! So I did not find more in the tour which I find quite class, the cow shed is really hammer. Yes, I hope that the Mapper again re-looks, and the map again Packs so that one can drive these without the annoying they can not so deeply into the water can play. First times a thank you and if all this was fixed then also a recommendation but in advance for the work ***** Mfg. Donaldy

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