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The map has 54 fields , all of which are grubbed and fertilized and therefore are ready to sow .
Three fields are in your possession at the start and of course ripe for harvest. The fields have sizes of about 15 ha to about 295 ha It
is a large card, however, the PDA is adapted to fit and 98% , which is almost perfect.
There is only the standard fruits . The map is relatively flat and mostly flat , but there are also easy
Hills and valleys , and in the north east has a larger mountain. The fields have fairly generous margins and thus suitable
the map is perfect for use by volunteers and course play, so do not get tangled itself constantly . in
By and large it resembles my main town only just a bit larger.
There is a spacious central courtyard, with ample space for the machines. To keep fuel costs down ,
the cows, sheep and chickens are housed on the farm. The BGA is also just a stone 's throw away.
The growth times are much longer and the yield was reduced because you do not want yes to the first field
have already risen to the ranks of millionaires .

The silos at the cow pasture now have twice the capacity , ie 600 tons ( 600,000 liters) and the 8 silos are on the BGA
grown three times your size and now each hold 1,800 tons ( 1.8 million liters).
The traffic is running and also the milk truck drives and in the event that a road dries out the tank ,
There are several gas stations on the map. The farrier was industrious and has 100 of his best happiness iron on map
distributed and who believe in it , may perhaps sometimes find the rainbow.

An acre of land cost in Monstopia € 8,995 , which is considerably cheaper than in Hagenstedt , where there are about 45,000 € . There are 54 fields
with a total area of approximately 4,160 acres available.

The map is current as of patch 1.4, i.e. you can for example with a wheel loader to feed the cows and sheep . I have , except for a few exceptions ,
almost only original Giants - built models .

There's not too much of decorative , since the card performance is extremely hungry and occasionally crashes for me if I do not save regularly ,
Therefore, I consider the map rather than beta and find out what's going . So here is please do not whine when it is not running or is jerky because
this map is really big and extreme. We have over 10,000 trees , a road network of 64 km and a vertical drop of over 100m .

I've played about 200 hours on this card and found no errors. The log always remained clean .
Thanks to all modders whose objects I've used. If I have forgotten anyone in the credits , just let me briefly
I wear it to .

The card is without rotting
The map is not enabled for any modifications or re-upload .


atze1978 - Straßenbaukasten V1
frisco0177 - Futterlager
mailman - Pfostenpack V 1.0.0
Ekkehard - Heißluftballons und Blimp


  • 17 Sep 12:31
    Version 0.9



checksum: fca6dffd6aa85223d26a0b029227b7e9
Version: 0.9
multiplayer ready? no
Author: My Name
price in shop: LS
name in shop: Monstopia
description in shop: Willkommen in Monstopia.

Stell Dich dem Monster mit über 4000 Hektar Ackerfläche!!!

17.09 2013
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V 0.9
Farming Simulator 2013
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  1. MOREOPTIONS 24. 05 2016

    Hello, Not sure what's happening, when I open in the game it's crashing. Perhaps you might check the content. I can't pay this one... I hope to!!!

  2. This map I really like and have spent many hours working on it, I also did some captures and I created this video that I hope you enjoy it.
    Regards from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  3. GameingGoth96 07. 10 2013

    Works fine but one bug the map dose not show up on the PDA or the menu, please fix that thanks

  4. Kristjan1988 17. 09 2013

    It crashes for me at loading point.
    I always have problems with map like KernStadt, it crashes for me at loading or at some places in game.

    2 replies

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