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This basic specialization script allows to add animated analog mth (mth - from Polish: "motogodzina") counter for vehicle from mods.

Archive contains:

- mthCounter.lua and indoorAnalogOTHud.lua scripts

- readme (open in notepad).xml file with installation manual in Polish, English and German language version

- i3d with sample counter model (6 separated segments)

Unpack downloaded archive.

Don't edit, don't reupload, don't change the download link (reuploads will be reported), don't impersonate the author, don't doubling on mods sites (especially Lithuanian and Czech), etc., etc.

Made in Poland

Cheers, agRush2k


Script, Idea / Konzept, Tester: agRush2k


  • 12 Mar 21:41

    - complete rebuild of script
    - changed method of counting mth (mth - in Polish: "motogodzina"; dependence on the current engine's rpm, nominal rpm (or maximum in the absence of this data) and the scale of time in the game, not on driving speed))
    - added HUD which shows current amount of mth
    - sightly changed name - mthCounter (before: motohoursCounter)
    - additional script: indoorAnalogOTHud.lua which adds analog operating time counter (complementing the basic indoorHud)

  • 28 Feb 21:00
    Version 1.0




28.02 2017
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7 Comments for mthCounter (specialization script)

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  1. Rusheer 13. March

    So... New version is now available to download! :D
    I forgot to say that this script hadn't been tested in multiplayer mode, so that may generate some errors.
    Have you seen any issue in this script? Let me know here!
    Cheers ;)

  2. Rusheer 04. March

    mthCounter v - release coming soon ;) Cheers :D

  3. Waldo2901 03. 03 2017

    Seems to be an interesting mod, but what do you mean whith "scripts" folder ????????? Dont have one

    1 replies

  4. Rusheer 28. 02 2017

    PS. This script I wrote of the need. Of course, I'll perfect it, so please give me some suggestions about my (not ideal) script. Regards :)

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