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V 3.36 Beta mod for Farming Simulator 19

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The MultiOverlay V3 Hud Mod is designed to give you a quick informational overview of some of the game's important features.


Quick overview:

Animals, Greenhouses, Warehouses, BestPrices, Bga, Silos, Placeable Objects, Map Built Objects, FactoryScript Objects and much more via aconvenient PDA/SLOT menu



Please check the buglist first before reporting a bug or having problems with something. Or here you can also find me on Discord (HappyLooser#1790)


Configuration:(default keyboard/mouse setting)

Short guide in pictures:


  • 6x PDA ArtDesigns
  • NoHud App (check PDA Cmd) -incl. all my mods
  • .
  • VehicleSmall App (check PDA Cmds)
  • RunJumpFlySpeed App (check PDA Cmds)
  • AutoDrive Hud On/Off (check PDA Cmd)
  • Courseplay Hud On/Off (check PDA Cmd)

A BIG THANK YOU also to all testers who have extensively tested the new version for bugs, (2 months)beziehungweisse the mod Support or have agreed their consent for a display implementation in this mod. Trozdem it can still come to errors, because the range of functions and the very different maps / mods simply can not all be tested.


BugList: Fix Test Not Reproducible



The mod was not supposed to come out for LS19. Due to the pandemic and the necessary time I have then but still ermundert to finish. Who still needs it and wants to use it.Please. ! AND IT IS STILL AN ALPHA VERSION, PLEASE REMEMBER !


And if you don't like it you should just not load it :-)


1.Release with original download link only. NO substitute link



2.Modifying as well as re-uploading is not allowed


Modell: HappyLooser
Textur: HappyLooser
Script: HappyLooser
Idee / Konzept: 
Tester: ModHoster Leute und viele mehr
Sonstige: HappyLooser


  • 09 Dec 15:19
    Version 3.36 Beta

    --new Split 1-3 for IconText (iconsTyp 4) (1 = Full Text,not check length or overlap etc.) (3.31)
    --insert Module Settings moObjectStorages and moFillTypeMovers (updateTimer etc.) (3.31)
    --fix IconText Color (iconTyp 4) (3.31)
    --new insert Slot Moh Module Text Color (greatDemand,Price,Amount,noAmount etc.) (3.32)
    --new insert Slot Moh Module Text Prozent Color (Productivity etc.) (3.32)
    --new Open/Close Cmds over Slot Cmd (Sort by Open/Close Cmds(by Moh)) (3.33)
    --fix Side Notification load position over Xml (3.33)
    --fix/new calculation for Slot Settings verticalTxtDistance (3.33)
    --fix Lua Error for CanDeleteOldCmd On(Module(Moh) Settings) (3.33)
    --insert Farmlands Cmd Hectar...(fields at farmland)+click Hectar (3.34)
    --delete Farmlands -->Textcolor by FarmColor (3.34)
    --fix Total Amount/Storages -->SiloExtension (3.35)
    --fix FillTypeMover over MapReady (3.36)
    --fix Error moMissions.lua:54: attempt to index field 'type' (a nil value) (3.36)

  • 22 Feb 11:22
    Version 3.30 Beta

    --fix first Start IconFail Icons
    --fix GC Productivity at Display and Storage Object
    --fix Convert FillType Name over langugage.xml (name="fill_washedpotatoes" _de="Gew.Kartoffeln" etc.) !needs reg name!
    --new Optional View Player Pos coordinates,under MiniMap
    --new 2xPDA Cmd(incl.2xHidden Icons) invisibleAllSlots(Invisible all SLOTs) and invisibleAllPdas(Invisible all PDAs)
    --new Features for Slot Cmd FillTypes/Amount/Price and FillTypes/Amount --> Sort By Amount(Default),Name or Price
    --new Detector for Slot Cmds Objecs (name is >> near object (Slot Cmd Select Settings)
    --new more Pda Icons
    --new Bale/Pal. Storage Addon by GtX | Andy Support (Sort by ObjectStorages)
    --new Missionen FillTypes #WEI for Weizen or #KAR for Kartoffeln etc. (or click % for fullname) (SP Blinking Field Mission)
    --move from page 2 at page 1 --->viewApps and viewLines 1 Map Missionen
    --new InGame Time DigitalClock Icons with Function (optional hours:minutes:seconds)
    --new FillTypeMover Script by Farmer_Schubi Support (Sort by Factory(FM))(bsp: Porta Westfalica Map)
    --new Separate Storages Cmds (Sort by Storages)
    --new 1xSlot Cmd *consolenCmds* (Sort Module by Moh)
    --new 1xSlot Cmd *Farmlands* (Sort Module by Moh)

  • 31 Dec 00:43
    Version 3.12 Alpha



31.12 2020
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4.85 / 26 Votes


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11 Comments for MultiOverlayV3 Hud

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  1. HappyLooser 21. 01 2021

    Kleiner Hinweisse am Rande. Die Buttons "Bedanken,Gut,Schlecht..." etc. sind nicht nur Dekoration,sondern sagen auch etwas über die Arbeit aus. Finde es schade das viele die Arbeit nicht zu schätzen wissen.

  2. castle1975 09. 12 2021

    Hallo HappyLooser,

    habe Deinen Mod schon für den LS19 benutzt und war sehr begeistert, nun zu meiner Frage
    Ist er für LS22 umgeschrieben???



    1 replies

  3. Chris2Fingers 08. 04 2021

    Hallo Happy Looser, vielen Dank für deinen tollen Mod, habe diesen schon in den älteren Teilen geliebt. Nun habe ich zufällig beim stöbern deinen Release für LS19 gefunden und bin sehr glücklich darüber. :-) Leider startet die V3.30Beta bei mir auf keiner Map, gibt es dafür eine Lösung?

    1 replies

  4. timmi4026 08. 03 2021

    Vielen Dank für den Klasse Mod, schön das Du wieder mal was raus haust. Klappt sehr gut.

  5. c-Freeman 08. 03 2021

    Leider ist F12 nicht die beste Lösung, kann es im Spiel aber nicht ändern oder finden.

    1 replies

  6. Lactic 23. 01 2021

    Thank you for your mod HappyLooser but I can't figure out how I can monitor animals when they were bought before installation of your HUD.
    What should we do to force HUD to scan for animal presence please ?

    1 replies

  7. Catweazle_59 23. 01 2021

    Hallo Happy Looser,
    dankeschön für die geniale Arbeit

  8. demetzwalter 22. 01 2021

    Also ich muß schon sagen dieses Teil hatte ich schon in LS15 und das ist
    richtig Gut Vielen Dank +5
    mfg Walter der Mapper

  9. enni1802 22. 01 2021

    Ich nochmal.
    Kann es möglich sein,das die Tiere auf der NF Marsch 4 fach nicht angezeigt werden,das es eventuell an der Map liegt?

    1 replies

  10. enni1802 22. 01 2021


    Klasse Mod Happy...

    Also soweit läuft es bei mir.Aber irgendwie zeigt er die Tiere nicht an,muss ich da noch irgendwas einstellen?

    1 replies

  11. Thx for this mod HappyLooser, haven't tested yet to see how this works and all the good stuff but will do that.