My City Country mod for Farming Simulator 2013
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My City Country v 2 multifruits

MyCityLand is a card (map) of more than 30 fields of differente shape, a BGA is to install (settle), you can cultivate all the fruits that you want, of beautiful bits of fir trees, the card (map) na not d animals, several point of sale to grains (beads), potatoes, beet I wish you good game (set, play) on this card (map) and thank you has those who this reconaitrons objects for their creation of card (map)

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Version: 2 multifruits
multiplayer ready? no
Author: Farmer47
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name in shop: Beispiel Mod Map
description in shop: MyCityLand.


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  1. Modlina28
    modlina28 01. 04 2013


    habe die Map getestet und ein Video davon hinzugefügt!