New Holland 8340

V 1.0 mod for Farming Simulator 2011

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Ignition Key: KeyPad Enter (twice)
Back Window: KeyPad Key 8
Left Door: KeyPad Key 7
Right Door: KeyPad Key 9
Front Worklights: KeyPad Key 5
Back Worklights: KeyPad Key 6
Direction Lights, Alarm etc: KeyPad Keys 1,2,3
Beacon: Key Home
Fenders Visibility: Key 6
Double Back Wheels: Key 7

Operations with Clutch:
Clutch: Key LeftShift
Neutral: Mouse Middle Button
Group1 (Gears 1-4): Mouse Right Button
Group2 (Gears 5-8): Mouse Left Button
Slow/Fast Gears: Key LeftAlt

Operations without Clutch:
UpShift: Mouse Left Button
DownShift: Mouse Right Button


Model: Johnk1977
Texture: Johnk1977
Model - Textures Edit: Mythos
Script: Mythos

Animated Hydraylics by Boembchen
Operating Hours by Manuel Leithner
Manual Ignition by Templaer
Ford8340 by Mythos
Extra Lights by Sven777b
PTO Attacher by Manuel Leithner
Extra Exhaust Particles by Schnulla-817
Wheel Particles
Ford8340 Gearbox by Mythos
Internal Sounds by Knagsted
Extra Weights by Mythos
ES limiter by Manuel Leithner
Washable Script by Manuel Leithner


  • 10 Jun 19:12
    Version 1.0



10.06 2012
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V 1.0
Farming Simulator 2011
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10. 06 2012 5,827

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