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Introduction: After a long time I put the Fribourg Map 2.0 for download. It has not yet grown a little bit. In addition, the textures were changed and a new village was gebaut.Informationen: Mapper: Farmer 12Pda and other details: Ls2020Verkehr: WessumerMap i3d: 34 mbBenötige scripts: MapBGAMapBGASiloMapDoorTriggerMapFertilizerModMapWeightstationModGülle ModMapToolsWindmill.wav Fruit and manure credits: Roads -> FatianBallenstapel -> Desperados93Biogasanlage - > pfreek and FatianGrüne bridge -> pfreekFahnen -> Giants trees -> Desperaodos 93, fendt412Windrad edit -> manuuuuGehwege -> Desperados93Getreidelagerhalle -> bm-moddingBarakke -> JanHendrikFarm Animals -> maxterGartenzaun -> Dennis260Zaunelemente -> Dennis260Jägerzaun -> FereosObjektepack -> TheStivalaHolzstapel -> BuschiRegentonne -> xXTimXxSilo Neuero -> Berry01Unterstand - added> Deere6800, farmer 12Changelog v2.0> 5 speed cameras installed> flying Zeppelin> detail-rich village> (2 a total of) beet> completely new territory here with larger fields, so something for everyone;)> exclusively 3D trees > new textures> new dealers> Yard, BGA converted> errors to be corrected> MB smaller number
and much more ...
Rights: The mod may not be offered on other sites on the DL, but only using the Orginalem download link! The mod may not be modified or re-uploaded without the consent of the original modder [Farmer 12]!



  • 02 Jun 11:08
    Version 2.0




checksum: cebfa29b14988a5fc30aabcec4b5ca2a
Version: 2.0
multiplayer ready? no
Author: Landwirt 12
price in shop: LS
name in shop: Freiburgerland Map
description in shop: Dies ist Freiburgerland Map. Sie erwarten spannende Arbeitstage in einer hügeligen Landschaft.

02.06 2012
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V 2.0
Farming Simulator 2011
85.2 MB 25032
02. 06 2012 25,032

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  1. Jaegar Croft 02. 06 2012

    This is the nicest map that I have seen. The scenery, winding roads, bridges, etc. is AMAZING.

    I can't seem to open some of the gates, is there a time that they will open automatically or is there a button that needs to pushed to get them to open ?

    Thank You for a fantastic map.

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