North Frisian Map 2011

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ls moin dear friends

have slightly rearranged the map new yard, dairy,. Kuhweide

all fields beplanzt, you can begin working immediately with the

implements an Biolandhof 2011 by steffen 30muc

is you can not buy cows! (it had not have got done)

cow pasture without functional! (It had not have got done) could

milk you yourself leave from the dairy barn to

grass in the pasture, or you can dump in the stall

1 . corn silage silo

2 SILO is for sale bales of hd trigger is installed

you still need mods for the garden and the silo 2

MapSuperSiloTrigger Court

MapDoorTrigger yard

Stawbale_Haybale for silo 2

the rest is left of the map

the StartVehiclesPDF are not properly

've little effort given to refurbish

this is my first card I've improved or rebuilt so do not be so strict with your Commission

I thank all of the objects which I modder I installed

So then a lot of fun with my version of the North Frisian Map 2011

frankmanhh mfg



  • 25 Oct 00:29
    Version 1




checksum: 7d6dcb4daeafd54a206990262ddcd47d
Version: 1
multiplayer ready? no
Author: GIANTS Software GmbH
price in shop: LS
name in shop: Nordfrisische Marsch
description in shop: Nordfrisische Marsch

25.10 2011
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V 1
Farming Simulator 2011
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  1. Flodsche 25. 10 2011

    nordfriesischemarsch map aus ls09 war damals mein lieblings map ;)

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