Pellet Fermenting silos

V 2.0 mod for Farming Simulator 17

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Fermenting silos for strawHarvestAddon

hi here is my Pellet fermenting silos

there are two different ones

strawPellet silo  and hayPellet silo just add straw or grass and in a few moment you will get straw or hay pellets.

The straw pellets can be used for the cow and pigs bedding or you can sell it at the livestock market in the platinumEdition map

The hay pellets can be used to feed your animals or you can sell it in the livestock market in the platinumEdition map.

I made this because the normal vehicle was to slow


pingu scooby


  • 07 Dec 13:35
    Version 2.0

    changed the hay pellet silo to green.

  • 06 Dec 00:12
    Version 1.0


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06.12 2017
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  1. Joergitech 07. 12 2017

    dont use uloaded at the time of problems antivirus and google lock upladed

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