Perestroyka 2

V 1.0 mod for Farming Simulator 17

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Changed with permission of the author.

All the functionality remained the same as on the original map.
Changes have touched the landscape and objects
The landscape of the quarry was changed. The grass was replaced.
Near the base and in the center of the city appeared trees,
There was a bridge (not far from the port) on the opposite shore.
Replaced refueling. Added multi-storey houses.
And some more trivia.
The work on the map continues ...

Culture on the map and animals standard for fs 17.
A mud script: slipping, splashing mud, slowing and dirtying of machinery. Each wheel in the mud behaves individually.
Animated animals: cows and sheep belonging to other people (standard); snakes, gulls, eagles, horses, dogs and cats
Rail traffic: trains run on a schedule, there can be only one train on the map. Trains are "thematic", i.?. pick up only specific goods from the railway station, and not all in a row. The railway tracks are slightly winding. The number, type and color of the cars are chosen randomly, some cars have different loads. When driving, the train responds to obstacles, issues hooters and brakes, after stopping the player receives a penalty
The ship - according to the schedule, beeps, stands in the port. Affects the amount of cargo in the port. At the end of the parking, a message of urgent cargo in the port may appear.
rotary quarry excavator. There are beautiful animations and sounds. Loads of sand and gravel at the option required by the concrete plant, the plant also needs cement, which we buy in the port.
Cultures on the map: Standard + rye, oats, sunflower, onions, carrots.
Animals: Standard + calves, pigs
Factories produce: sunflower oil, packaged butter (cake, husk), canned goods, condensed milk, bread, biscuits, beer, sugar, concrete, wheat flour, rye (bran), corn. For the brewery we buy hops and we transport, for concrete we buy dry cement. The weight of all cargoes is different. For example, with a full hop drive uphill, the truck will jump out easily, and with the full body of gravel or cement - the trailer will more strongly mount and will hardly go, because the cargo is heavy.


Vanya Bondarenko, OREL57RUS


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    Version 1.0


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checksum: 6ccfeeb6df41fe146f2d831f2fe3bf16
Version: 1.0
multiplayer ready? yes
Author: ???? ??????????, ixol, OREL57RUS
price in shop: LS
name in shop: Perestroyka2
description in shop: Perestroyka2

29.05 2018
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V 1.0
Farming Simulator 17
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