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V 3.0 mod for Farming Simulator 17

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 Investors regarded the geographical location of the town PINE COVE as very profitable for the opening of enterprises for the production of agricultural products. Over the past year, the city received multimillion-dollar investments and many plants were built, which were transferred to the management of local farmers. Now there are only millionaires in the city. Earn and you are your first million in PINE COVE!
 The basis is taken by many favorite map Pine Cove Farm by Stevie, added plants, Season Master and a pair of dried trees. Now on the farm you can not only engage in agriculture on the same 19 fields, but also produce different kinds of products from your own raw materials and supply the rich inhabitants of the city with products of different types. Forget about loaders! All production lines are equipped with modern technologies, pallet-accumulating lines, it remains only to buy the largest trailer with self-loading. Bread, chips, sausage, yogurt and popcorn are just a small part of what you can produce. Now pigs are not just for dung! Also you are assisted by a state-of-the-art wood processing center for the production of packaging materials. Be cautious, due to the increase in traffic volumes, freight trains are moving around the region. Almost everything is on the map in Russian. Enjoy your time on the farm PINE COVE!
Pine Cove Production RUS v3 adapted for Seasons

Requires game version 1.4.4

Required mods:

AAA_UniversalProcessKit (in the map archive and put it in the mods folder, to work yellow gas stations)

Recommended mods:

FS17_RM_Seasons (install separately)

Notes and Warnings:

In the mod archive in SAVE folder is an instruction and files for the ability to play on the old save.
Hops and Grapes do not need to sow, they are perennial, only to fertilize and harvest. On field 19. and 1. respectively.
If you do not want to play with the Seasons mod, just do not connect it to the map.
Disconnect other maps in mods folder.
If you have installed Loco Drive mod earlier, delete it, on the card is already present, it will conflict.
If you are tired of trains, remove Loco Drive from the mod archive.

Changelog 3.0

Added new cultures: Carrots, Onion, Grapes. New products: Wine, Grape juice.
Added winery.
Field number 1. wineyard and added field number 19. for hops (read the instruction on the old save play).
Warehouses for storing finished products have been added to the production facilities, besides the production of boards and greenhouses (monitors take into count products inside the warehouse, what is on the conveyor belt is not taken into count).
The greenhouses are reworking and moved. Removed auto sales of greenhouse products.
The production of tables has been moved, now there is the production of barrels, which are needed for the winery.
The pallet storage is removed.
Added a warehouse for boards.
Added some animation of animals and vehicles.
Store triggers are increased.
  All water triggers have been reworked for the correct work Courseplay. It is possible to fill standard and mod barrels.
Eliminated graphical bugs when harvesting.
All needed buildings and equipment added into the map (read the instruction on the old save play).
Fixed information on production monitors.
The prices and proportions of resource consumption in some industries have been revised.
The translation has been improved.
Some visual and sound changes.

Map english version release in next week.
Credits: Stevie, Krists


Stevie, Krists


  • 09 Oct 10:27
    Version 3.0




09.10 2017
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V 3.0
Farming Simulator 17
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45 Comments for Pine Cove Production RUS

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  1. diditoto54 16. April

    Hello this map is Sigle or multi player????

  2. Ash_D_Duck 18. 11 2017

    btw, es gibt schon eine V3.2 auf einem anderen Modportal!

    Changes in version 3.2:
    · All plants purchased
    (if you want to play without buying factories, write in the savegame money and buy them immediately)
    · Added hints
    · Accelerated production of barrels
    · Fixed a bug with the Holmer when working on other people's fields
    · Some minor changes
    · The saved game on version 3.0 is fully compatible

  3. legolandia 28. 10 2017

    In the winery, I can not see the info-screen (said it is at second floor), could somebody upload a screenshot/video on how to do it? (it is the only machine that does not work for me)

  4. RickDeckard 26. 10 2017

    Hi Krists,

    Is there any news on the progress of the map's EN version?

    I tried already this version and I love it, so if the EN version is close to be released I'll wait for it, but if not I'm happy to go with the RUS version too because it's a great map.


  5. legolandia 25. 10 2017

    Do I have to make any special task for winery? It seems that is not working. Where are the info point so I can see what's needed?
    Thanks, Best!

    1 replies

  6. bulldog1972 18. 10 2017

    I really love the Map.Starting playing even in rus and it is great even .I only do not really understand the grapes and hops.NO plouging what i can read but only dunger if im right and i think a small fault in the map.The animals are making new one's ONLY not the cows .Perhaps i do something wrong just making sure .The map i play in season and thank you again.

    1 replies

  7. bulldog1972 16. 10 2017

    Looks very nice.Waiting on the english version so i understand it :) very nice done and this will be my most favoriet map.
    Sry in eenglish from the Netherlands.

  8. alchemist 14. 10 2017

    What types of grain can I bring to the mill, because the mill does not take any wheat or barley? I love the map tough, it is great,


    1 replies

  9. alchemist 13. 10 2017

    Hello, what must I do to get the grapes and hops growing again?


    1 replies

  10. Most2009 10. 10 2017

    thanks for the quick reply and help

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