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V 2.2 mod for Farming Simulator 17

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Shows best prices for everything you can sell and the selling point for that price if you have those in your silo, train silo or tippers.
Press Left-Shift-t (default) to display.
Press Left-Shift-z (default) to change the display location.
Text is green if price is still going up.

Key binds can be changed in option menu->controlls, under "Price Watch:*".

Version 2 changes:
better data structure for mainly myself (to ease things)
text size now from ingame values, should help with different resolutions
now included every shop and everything that you can possibly sell (should work with modded fruits/maps/shops no problem)
added the train silos, trains and trailers to check if we have stuff
unfortunately this means if you have potatoe/etc in pallets/heaps price won't show up (for now)
you can change position of display with left-shift-z (will add more (aiming for the 8 possible corner), but currently there is 5 option)
also if you have sheep, wool price will be shown


Script: Sabzi


  • 29 Nov 18:43
    Version 2.2

    fixed every error reported and then some
    added proper text for filltype names - thanks Alex30rus!
    I used google translate for the german names, so if they are wrong, apologies
    changed icon to .dds - thanks Alex30rus!
    added remaining display positions

  • 25 Nov 12:12
    Version 2.1

    Fixed prices not updating.

  • 24 Nov 22:30
    Version 2.0


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    by Sabzi
    ago almost 2 years
  • 795713
    by Sabzi
    ago almost 2 years


checksum: 536b96b9db071f2d117b8360b9b08753
Version: 2.2
multiplayer ready? yes
Author: Sabzi
price in shop: LS
name in shop:
description in shop:

24.11 2016
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4.45 / 33 Votes


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V 2.2
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V 2.1
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29 Comments for Price Watch

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  1. Lm602 29. 11 2016

    Silage too please? Always the one I miss because you have to scroll over to it in the menu.

    1 replies

  2. kiggins 26. 11 2016

    Dosent work on the Sosnovska map for me.

    1 replies

  3. amhh 25. 11 2016

    Feature Request for next Version:
    Save the highest ever price per fruittype. Even better when the script ignores greatDemands.
    Or as an alternative save the price per fruittype, when I've last sold this fruittype.

    Something that gives you a bit of orientation which price is good enough.

    1 replies

  4. aceofspades 25. 11 2016

    got this error when starting game
    Warning (performance): Texture C:/Users/AceOfSpades/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2017/mods/pricewatch_v2_1/priceicon.png raw format.

    the _v2_1 is what I changed name to because of the decimal issue.

    1 replies

  5. aceofspades 25. 11 2016

    The zip name is different than previous, so some people may not catch that and end up with two versions of this mod in mod folder. You should probably keep the file name always the same and put version numbers inside on a txt file, imho. In addition the new name has a decimal in it , causing giants engine to not load it. So anyone downloading this needs to remove old version and rename this version in order for it to work.
    Thanks for your mod though, I use it all the time.

    1 replies

  6. Alex30rus 25. 11 2016

    It was still possible to make the text type "grass_windrow" in the form of "Grass" in modDesc.xml <l10n><text name="grass_windrow"> <en> Dry grass </en><de> Trockenes Gras </de><ru> ???? </ru></text></l10n>

    1 replies

  7. Razers 25. 11 2016

    hi. can add (quantity silo fruits * best price) ? so you can see in real time how much you can earn by selling. With this change becomes a super mod.
    thanks so much

    1 replies

  8. Alex30rus 25. 11 2016

    v 2.1

    Error: Running LUA method 'update'.
    D:/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2017/mods/FS17_pricewatch/pricewatch.lua:189: attempt to index a nil value

    1 replies

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