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Welcome to Rockwood for the Farming Simulator 17th

Yes I know I've left quite a long time for it. But now I want to put you on the 17er version of the most appreciated Forestry-only maps for the Farming Simulator available.

Anyone familiar with the map already from the 15er, will know that it has absolutely nothing to do with agriculture. Here we have only trees that will be felled.

A few adjustments I have yet made:

  • More than 4000 trees precipitable
  • Sawmill Marhus script. Produced boards pallets, which can then be sold at the carpentry shop (opposite nursery).
  • Additional sales trigger for logs on the east side of the lake (WaterDump trigger - just purely throw)
  • The nursery is just decoration, because the seedling pallets spawn dealer - a garden center no longer gibts
  • Street lighting on the main road
  • Biomass heating buy Wood Chips

Maybe if I have time, I build a version without Marhus factory script and will publish them in Modhub - hence the console players have what it :)


Credits: Giants, Mortary, El Cid, Modswanted, Tunewar, Fendtfan1, Mellie, Eribusm Epic_pryda, nt0xic0m, Fatian, Marhu, nikson, kevink98, fasi, LS-Modcompany


  • 21 Mar 12:18
    Version 1.2.1 tipCol Fix

    - tipCol für die Map neu erstellt. Nun ist es möglich, überall auf der Map tipAnywhere zu nutzen.




20.03 2017
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V 1.2.1 tipCol Fix
Farming Simulator 17
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