Scania 5 ater HKL

V 1 mod for Farming Simulator 2011

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Scania 5 ater from HKL EJB from


Here is a new edit of the Scania HKL.

Do they have a lot of fun with the Scania.

The second axis can be gelift.


Please keep the original link.


Model: onbekend.
Edit: EJBFarmingBV from
Skin: EJBFarmingBV from


  • 17 Oct 16:06
    Version 1



checksum: 4c6d9488095913c600360e408f4b6bb5
Version: 1
multiplayer ready? no
Author: Bjorny
price in shop: 149999 LS
name in shop: ScaniaP420 8x2*6
description in shop: scania P420 hooklift
Edit by EJBFarmingBV
fixed by steve900
checksum: 0d93dcae6b6b22bf77bb0193d8ac1172
Version: 0.98
multiplayer ready? no
Author: xandl1
price in shop: 12500 LS
name in shop: Agroliner Container
description in shop:
Modell/Textur: Daniel11
Script/inGame: sven18koehler

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17.10 2011
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V 1
Farming Simulator 2011
11.3 MB 5708
17. 10 2011 5,708

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  1. lu_lanitz 20. 10 2011

    v.d. vlist hat ne 6 achser scania zugmaschine!und kahl hat 2 5-achs tgx!so selten is dast garnich 5 achser!und in holland gibts sehr,sehr viele 5 achs kipper,hkl usw!