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Hello everyone.


Today i want to introduce my editing of the SGT slurrytank for the Claas Sattletrac from Smety. I would like to emphasize it again: This is Smetys mod. I have just edited it. Unfortunately there is no release by Smety. I tried to contact him on several ways, but i did not receive any response. Since i waited since 12. September for an answer and FS19 will appaer soon and Smetys mod, at least with me, did not work well, so i decided to puplish my revision.

I hope this is ok for you. If somebody has contact to Smety: Please tell him about my release. Maybe he want to contact me after all.




Model ingame: FS15: Smety, Angelus; FS17: Smety;

Others: monteur1, upsidedown, Bayerbua, Wopster, Xentro, Sven777b, Blacky_BPG, Giants

Please report, if i forgot someone.




SGT Slurrytank for Claas Xerion Sattletrac by Smety


  • Volume: 16000 liters

  • Load: Water, slurry, digestate

  • Emptied with emptyme script by Blacky_BPG

  • Compatible with hosesystem mod V.1.1 by Wopster and Xentro. This means slurry / digestate can be charged and discharged by hose or pipe. With the hoses the tank can also be emptied (sorry for the slurry animation when water is emptied).

  • There is a buyable holder for a hose

  • Compatible with the Gullepack by monteur1. With the pipe the tank can be filled on vehicles of that pack

  • The tank can also, according to the Giants standard, be filled by approach to the slurry storage

  • Can also be used as a water carrier and to water the animals

  • Analogous to Smetys sattletrac the colours black, white and Claas green can be chosen. White is cheaper because it was applied manually

  • The tank works with the Giants helper, AIVehicleExtension and with courseplay



There is also a slurry spreader with an Zunhammer head


  • Working width: 14,8 meters

  • Works with the Giants helper, AIVehicleExtension and courseplay

  • Is delivered on pallet and can be transported with the frontloader

  • Is coupled to the tractor

  • Is not compatible with the tension belts and UAL

I wish a lot of fun with the mod. I´m pleased about factual criticism and praise.

Please, only link to this. Do not re-upload


Johnny Thunders


Modell: ingame:FS15: Smety, Angelus; FS17: Smety
Textur: ingame:FS15: Smety, Angelus; FS17: Smety
Script: upsidedown, Bayerbua, Wopster, Sven777b, Blacky_BPG, monteur1
Idee / Konzept: 
Sonstige: Xentro


  • 08 Oct 01:25
    Version 1. 2. 0. 0.



08.10 2018
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V 1. 2. 0. 0.
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