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V 3.1 mod for Farming Simulator 17

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Some are still familiar with the LS13 and LS15.


The cutter can mill silage, chaff, dung, hay, grass, straw and woodchips compound feed etc.

It's washable!

You can choose the color.



The router has the same function as a shovel and because I am too lazy to shovel I have built this router.


There is a new design later, but for now you can do something with the old one.




Have fun :)


Modell: chrisu70
Textur: chrisu70
Idee / Konzept: chrisu70
Tester: chrisu70


  • 08 Aug 17:00
    Version 3.1

    Particle vorn aktiviert

  • 06 Aug 17:33
    Version 3.0

    läuft nun auf standardskript und somit auch Servertauglich

  • 20 Jan 16:24
    Version 2.1

    MaterialHolder fehler behoben
    Absturz bei Verkauf der Fräse behoben.

  • 19 Jan 20:04
    Version 2.0

    Tiptrigger Abnahme hinzugefügt.
    Kapazität wurde auf 0 gesetzt.
    MaterialHolder für Compost hinzugefügt

  • 08 Dec 16:12
    Version 1.1 Fix

    Rigidbody entfert von der pipe

  • 08 Dec 13:25
    Version 1.0




checksum: 6670db60bd8bd415645d0e2894e4f799
Version: 3.1
multiplayer ready? yes
Author: chrisu70
price in shop: LS
name in shop:
description in shop:

08.12 2016
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4.66 / 211 Votes


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V 3.1
Farming Simulator 17
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08. 08 2017 28,243
V 3.0
Farming Simulator 17
11.5 MB 3749
06. 08 2017 3,749
V 2.1
Farming Simulator 17
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20. 01 2017 19,272
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  1. Knottypine 27. March

    I installed this mod on my server and it worked fine for a while. However, the next day after a server reset the mod caused an issue and my game to stop syncing at 28%. This was one of the latest mods I've installed on my server and removing it solved my issue. To further test it, I activated the mod again and my game wouldn't sync, deactivated it and it syncs. I see in one of the patch notes that this was maybe addressed to make it server friendly, perhaps this is something you might want to look into. Unless of course I might be experiencing another compatibility issue.

    3 replies

  2. shawncanning 20. 10 2017

    Hey everyone, I've downloaded and installed the ZIPped file into the mods older for both Silage Cutter F350 Roll Backmods but neither are in game... I've restarted the game as well and still not in-game.... any help?

  3. jdgp1931 07. 08 2017

    Very good work ! great machine ! Thanks

  4. maddavo 27. 06 2017

    I can't find this in the shop - which category/brand is it in?

  5. FarmerGiles 29. 03 2017

    can you make this show up as an icon in map picture as it wont, I mean where you find mods, like reset etc

  6. colision problem on Pine Cove Farmy by Stevie with the cow and bga silo for silage,when it's fermented i press "R" and i start to pick it up it, i can only a little bit then the cover doesn't go on to open the rest in automatic and i can pick up anymore silage,it's stay's closed,it's stuck,the cutter doesn't allow that the cover open it's a cutter colision problem but i'm not able to fix it,can you see if you can fix it thank you

    1 replies

  7. Scai 06. 02 2017

    When vacuuming silage from a covered bunker, the white tarp doesn't automatically unveil. I have to go with a regular bucket and force the white blanket to disappear before going with the Fraese.

  8. jdgp1931 20. 01 2017

    Thanks for your time and effort for finishing this chrisu70 !

  9. bamsenus 20. 01 2017

    When you fix, there is one little problem Error: Can't load resource 'C:/Users/Frank/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2017/mods/LS17_Fraese_ModLandNet_2/Script/newMaterialHolder.lua '.
    The folder is there, so i don't know what!!!

  10. lexa405 20. 01 2017

    When selling (by any method). Flight from the game.

    1 replies

  11. mattesbe 08. 12 2016

    Bester Mod ever ! 5/5!!! Danke

  12. jdgp1931 08. 12 2016

    Thanks, favorite in 15 now 17. A real time saver.

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