Silvercrest Valley

V Copped Straw mod mod for Farming Simulator 17

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This is a edited version of Goldcrest Valley and my first mod.

The changes are:

> Medium Farm with silos for grain, animal food, chaff, silage, grass, seed/fertilizers and water(for liquid ferilizer and water, you need a modded trailer with trigger on topp. Something like trailers from Farmer_Andy will work. You can NOT refill directly to the equipment).

A barn where you can store straw and hay. Cow, sheep, pig and chicken is moved to the main farm. A workshop where you can customise youre equipment. it is possible to change wide tires large equipment on the side of the workshoop.

> Moved the overloading station for train to the main farm so you can access it easy. Added small ramps for loading tree logs on to the train. And built a storage for woodchips, potato and beets

> Rebuilt all the sell points and added 3 new train stations one for tree logs and two for grain, potato and beets.

> A new greenhous area where you can place greenhouses, with silo for manure and a watertank for storing water. You can aslo buy seeds and fertilizers for equipment equipment only.

> Added more areas for forresrty and edited parts of the landskape.

> 2 Sellpoints for straw and grass.

> Small new roads all over the map and a larger one to the greenhouse area.

> Built new fields.

> And can quick loade equipment back to the farm.



If you  are upgraidng to V 3.0 the log will give you errors(usually they will get resolved if you save and reload the game, if this is not the case then i dont know what to do).

If there is grass all over the place you can use the roller Lizzard R 5000 to remove it.

If you want to transfer youre savegame you can try this.(it is possible you are able to "tab" to one of the cranes after you do it, but i found no side effect from this.

You need a new savegame for V3.0

To transfer savegame:
1. start NEW game save and exit.
2. Open the folder of the NEW savegame and copy/replace the vehicles files from OLD savegame.
3. Open the careerSavegame of the NEW savegame and edit <money> to what you had in the old game. Save and close.
4. Start the game( there will be errors but don't worry). Move equipment so it is not inside buildings. Save and close game.
5. Start the game again, and all should work(no error in log)

Hope this works for you. If there are any problems let me know and i will try to help out.



  • Fixed Silo problem(i move the straw barn to the other side of the road, since it was interfering with the main silo.)
  • Added a large pole barn with lights, where the straw barn was. 
  • Fixed bonus train.
  • Fixed animal issue
  • Removed some light poles

V 3.0

  • Copped straw mod implemented. (can be downloaded from the mod hub)
  • Built new extension to farm and added 4 new storage silos.
    1 Seeds and Fertilizers  50k(you can not refill directly to seeder/fertilizer from silo).
    2 Straw and hay barn 300k.
    3 Forage, PigFood, Grass, Silage, Chaff. 325k.
    4 Water 85k and 125k at greenhouse area(you need a water trailer that can fill from above, something like Kotte Universal trailers from Farmer_Andy will work).
  • Greenhouse area for placeable greenhouses and with water silo. 
  • Buy points for fertilizers and seeds.
  • New train stations/sell points.
  • New fields.
  • New roads and a lot of small things around the map.
  • More tees!
  • Fixed the errors from v2.0 and added new collisions for ground and buildings.

V 2.0

  • Rebuilt the sell points for grain, manure, slurry and animals.
  • Extended the farm with more storage and a workshop.
  • Added animated gates/lights.
  • Built new roads + small things around the map.
  • Fixed the animal freeze problem +++.
  • Added some new starting equipment.


V 1.4

  • Moved wool pallet spawn point.
  • Fixed Cran.
  • Removed silo walls(Will bring them back when giant makes an update)
  • Moved viechle spawn point so you can place silo extentions

V 1.2

  • Fixed feeding triggers for cow and pigs.


V 1.1

  • I had to move the silo, it made a bug with the hayloft-sell trigger so you did not get money for the straw and grass.
  • Fixed Animal dirt zone.(not able to remove grass in front of cows)



The log is clean







Model: Giant, fqc art, Katsuo, Wildfuchs
Texture: Giant, fqc art, Katsuo, webalizer, Wildfuchs
Script: Giant
Idea / Concept:luczimm
Other: Katsuo, Niggels, farmerrads, Nick98.1, webalizer, Wildfuchs


  • 26 Nov 08:18
    Version Copped Straw mod

    - Fixed Silo problem(i move the straw barn to the other side of the road, since it was interfering with the main silo triggers.)
    - Added a large pole barn with lights, where the straw barn was.
    - Fixed bonus train.
    - Fixed animal issue
    - Removed some lights poles


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checksum: a0f175bf7f8d3e6a8018db8589dacfef
Version: Copped Straw mod
multiplayer ready? yes
price in shop: LS
name in shop: Silvercrest Valley
description in shop: Dies ist die Silvercrest Valley

30.10 2016
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4.2 / 119 Votes


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V Copped Straw mod
Farming Simulator 17
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  1. gruszon18 24. 07 2017

    There is a problem with selling wool, i dont get money from selling it. I "push" the train , but there is no money

  2. Yamasaki450F 10. 07 2017

    Can you update this map please there is problem with black textures in certain angle of viewing after patch Also full seasons mod support would be nice its such a nice map.

  3. Tripwire 29. 03 2017

    It appears there is an issue in the .XML with key bindings on the Shed Doors and Gates, Opening them is fine, can not get them to close. Not sure why this wasn't found in the testing phase before the map was released?

  4. Tripwire 29. 03 2017

    I can not get the gates or doors to close the control menu shows open and close but has the same mouse button selected, is this the game or my key bindings. Any help would be great.

  5. helweg 22. 03 2017

    am i the only one who cosent get pay for Wool at the train station ??

  6. perwel 17. 02 2017

    Where are storage for potato and sugarbeets?

    1 replies

  7. Mr_Mazzony 13. 02 2017

    Eny update plans for this map? I love the layout of these sellpoints and overall map.

    Requested updates.
    - Bugs fixed (if eny)
    (Marys Farm graintrain not giving profit when sent away)
    - Seed/Fertilization storages needs to refill Sowers!
    - was there a gold nuggets under ground?
    - more?

  8. justin257 24. 01 2017

    ich bekomme immer denn fehler wenn ich die map starte .
    LUA call stack:
    dataS/scripts/effects/ShaderPlaneEffect.lua (97) : printCallstack
    dataS/scripts/effects/EffectManager.lua (71) : update
    dataS/scripts/FSBaseMission.lua (2204) : update
    dataS/scripts/missions/mission00.lua (333) : update
    dataS/scripts/main.lua (1862) : update
    Validity check failed in TransformGroup_setDirection: Direction is zero
    ..\..\..\src\engine\app\ReflectionAndScriptBinding.cpp (3474): dirLen > 0.0001f

  9. TroyJustin 09. 01 2017

    This is by far my favorite map on FS17 right now. I've been looking for the best Goldcrest edit and this one takes the cake. I went through and made some changes and added some things to better suit for my play style. Added the fermentor station as well as the cow and pig mixing stations and moved a couple things around in the editor and it made me love this map even more.

    No worries to the author. I will not upload my edit as I respect your request for no reuploads but I do want to thank you so much for this mod map. It's wonderful, great work.

  10. Skubidus 28. 12 2016

    This is just a great map! I've tried a lot of different maps for FS17, but this one is the new "gold standard" for me. Every new map I'm gonna test has to go up against this one.

    However there are a few minor things that bug me.

    1. There are some trees on the map, which for me are placed in rather bothering places (right on the edges of some fields) which can't be cut down by anything it seems like (due to the big diameter of the tree). It would be nice if those were replaced with smaller ones or scaled down a bit to be able to cut them down.

    2. I found some trees actually floating in the air. They are in the forestry area right above field 12 mostly near the cliff.

    3. Some of the storage sheds are a little too small for the larger equip like the Horsch seeders or Pöttinger mowers and stuff. Would be great if there was more room for the bigger equip (either upscale some of the sheds or maybe place some other ones?).

    4. Gold nuggets! 3 of the gold nuggets are not reachable. 2 of them are under a train where you are supposed to reach a lever to move the train but you can't get to that lever. The last one is supposed to be at the straw sell point but seems to be under ground out of reach.

    2 replies

  11. pakerista 30. 11 2016

    Hello everyone, I have a problem, I can not load the seeders under the silos near the sheepfold ... if I try with tipping body works, with seeders is not working ... what is the problem? Thank you

  12. leon-oswald 28. 11 2016

    Anybody figured out a way to directly fill Seeds and solid fertilizer from the station directly into a seeding machine like the Horsche Pronto 9 DC.

  13. jimjam828 27. 11 2016

    This maps gets better and better - well done !!!
    I even managed to transfer my start vehicles over, which I'd just set up on previous version ( having started a new game after version 2)
    New location for haybarn across the roads is good visually and operationally. New polebarn is great for storing tipper trailers.
    An idea - now there is this extra vehicle storage, the green sliding door sheds between F12 and F14 would be good if changed to open-front concrete-wall bins for beet and pots. Plenty of space for loaders or conveyors to load tippers.
    The only thing I can't work out operationally is the farm fert and seed area. I can dump pallets into storage tip point, but there doesn't seem much sense if I then have to use trailers to transfer out instead of filling seeders./sprayers directly. I think I'll stick to keeping seed+fert pallets on a bale trailer

  14. aceofspades 26. 11 2016

    Actually the field #16 is fixed too. Being out of practice I didn't have the altered version of the map in my mod folder when I tested it! lol...helpers will work ALL of field 16 now this is what you have to do....
    On the field 16 dimensions in the editor. swap the positions of corners 1 and 2 they are opposite of were they need to be.
    Also move corner 3 to the opposite corner (the only other available corner). and the helper will work the field. :)

    Once again thanks for your work. Hope you don't mind, just trying to help out.

    1 replies

  15. aceofspades 26. 11 2016

    I have not made a map since fs13 but I took your 3.002 copy and went into it with editor. This pic
    shows on field 16 how the helper will not operate on all of the field. The helper wants to avoid that one strip. I looked at the field definitions in the editor and noticed that the field defs were a bit skewed when comparing to others but after changing them the helper still does not want to cut that strip. So no luck there.

    But on the ground texture flickering, I remember this problem as being bad dds files for foliage. Not having any map resources anymore on my computer I downloaded this
    and replaced the foliage dds files with them. No more flickering of terrain through the fields. So if you replace your foliage files with any others that should solve the flickering textures for the ground. Thanks for your work on the map.

  16. aceofspades 25. 11 2016

    The green sheds with sliding doors used on your map have been updated today, I think fixing de-syncing issues they had. Thought you might want to know.

  17. BenFarmer 25. 11 2016

    how to get the last gold nuggets under the train ?

    1 replies

  18. Nalebaen 24. 11 2016

    Can we expect an update with the new patch? I'm interested in playing it but I don't want to start a new game if it's getting modified.

    1 replies

  19. leon-oswald 24. 11 2016

    Is anybody else experiencing issues with the green machine halls that have been implemented in multiplayer (dedicated server). We updated and we can not open the doors!

    1 replies

  20. aceofspades 24. 11 2016

    I think I have some more info that might help. Below is a link to a pic of what I described in the field error in previous post. While doing this I noticed that the helper wont recognize the whole field. This brings some things back to memory. Did you alter field 16? make it longer? There is something wrong in what you did. If I remember correctly it has to do with terrain layer but you'll have to search for an answer. Other fields have this same graphic effect.

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