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Simple Interactive Control (IC) is a new take on the well-known interactive control scenarios in Farming Simulator. Features: - This is a global script, which means that it does not need to be added to each mod separately, no additional changes to modDesc.xml, such as l10n texts, etc. are required; - Obviously, vehicle.xml and i3d still need to be edited, the script cannot magically separate the doors and add trigger points. But as soon as the necessary lines are added, IC will be active as long as you have this mod active; - It also means that people who do not like IC do not need to delete all car mods, just do not activate this mod; - There is only one version of IC, and not 50 different ones that come into conflict with each other; - IC updates are global and can be used in all mods. v0.9.2.3: - Correction of the vehicle on the MP server. v0.9.1.8: - Fixed a problem that appeared in the latest version of internal buttons that work only when the game menu is on, the problem with double display of mouse buttons is completely fixed.


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06.07 2020
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3 Comments for Simple Ic - Easy Interactive Control

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  1. scania19633 15. 10 2021

    nur wo simpel ic drauf zits du sees dan x in cabine

  2. Bedex_LS19 09. 04 2021

    Bei mir funktioniert simple ic nicht. Ich entpacke ihn und füge ihn auch ein aber er erscheint im spiel einfach nicht.
    Bitte Antworten!!!

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  3. Bauer Uwe1 05. 12 2020

    Wenn ich das Skript in den Mod Ordner kopiere fügt sich dann bei allen Fahrzeugen Simpel IC hinzu?