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V 0.9 mod for Farming Simulator 2013

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Here is small but good map for SP and MP. Cows, chickens and sheeps. Water mod for all animals. 7 + 1 non buyable fields grass field. Start equipment quite small. But there is sowned field with barley (2 fields) and with maize (field 1)

You are free to edit for own use;

Permission needed for uploading to other sites


Have a good gameplay ;)


Created by xiukaz;

Objects and buildings:
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  • 10 May 11:56
    Version 0.9



checksum: f1a83c3ac7d6d7f3699c751de9af814c
Version: 0.9
multiplayer ready? no
Author: xiukaz
price in shop: LS
name in shop: Beispiel Mod Map
description in shop: Dies ist die Beispiel Mod Map.

10.05 2013
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V 0.9
Farming Simulator 2013
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  1. xiukaz 10. 05 2013

    Allso included milk mod. I would suggest stop milk sale at midnight mod into mod folder:

  2. wizard4278 16. 05 2013

    Thank you for that. One more question, what is the sell point behind the gas station?

    1 replies

  3. wizard4278 16. 05 2013

    I like this map because I can use my classic equipment on it.
    But where do I sell the wool??
    Also, is there a milk pick up? (I haven't earned enough to start with cows yet, but haven't noticed a truck come by)
    Nice map though.

    1 replies

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