Chernobyl exclusion zone

V 1.4 (Iksman) mod for Farming Simulator 17

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To eliminate the consequences given a lot of different techniques and devices. Special truck KrAZ 256B1-030 Chernobyl (lead cabin) to bring sand and fill up a damaged power unit, a caterpillar bulldozer to destroy buildings and clear the territory of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant from the wreckage of the 4th power unit, various cars from the USSR and military equipment. In addition to the main work, you can climb and explore the terrain, which in some places is still very detailed and gives its own Stalker atmosphere. On helicopters, you can fly over the area and study a little map, the control of the turntable is convenient.


In addition to the mission to eliminate Chernobyl, you can engage in agriculture and growing crops in six fields. There is one point of sale for the sale of grown products. In any case, every craftsman in modding for Farming 17 can finish something and expand the map, add more farming functionality.




  • 27 Mar 13:11
    Version 1.4 (Iksman)



27.03 2022
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V 1.4 (Iksman)
Farming Simulator 17
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